At the start of October, Into the West Blogger Network joined Goldenegg Productions and Athlone’s leading retailers as they hosted the first Athlone Fashion Trail. Like the now popular Galway Fashion Trail, this event is based around free pop-up fashion shows in boutiques and stores all over the town over the course of one day. Retailers featured the work of local designers and milliners as well as hosting mini parties at each show.

Twenty Five Into The West Blogger Network Bloggers were invited to this event as VIP guests for the day to experience the very best that Athlone has to offer and were treated to a host of surprises and goodies throughout the day!

We kicked off the day of shows with the Bloggers Breakfast at Colm Quinn BMW Athlone. The smell of fresh coffee filled the air as the yummy pastries, fruit and desserts filled the bellies!  The perfect fuel for a busy day, even a sneaky morning glass of Prosecco was on the menu!  The Bloggers were then chauffeur driven into Athlone town where the Fashion Trail kicked off at 11 am.

On arrival to town, the shows started immediately. From boutique to boutique, the mini shows were spectacular with each store putting on surprises and goodies for all their guests. From canapes, and champers to sweet treats and giveaways; each store put on an exciting show and treated their guests like royalty! There were photo opportunities galore before and after every show as well as time to browse the stores, talk to the designers and retailers and do some real time blogging too!

Twitter was LIT! By 10m, Into The West Blogger Network Bloggers had the days hashtag #AthloneFashionTrail trending!! By 3pm that day, the hashtag had reached the no. 1 one spot on the twitter trendsmap! This ment the hashtag had out-trended the #DubVsMayo tag!! That really is a testament to the power of bloggers & social media!

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As lunch time arrived, we had four mini shows done and dusted. We arrived at the Fatted Calf of Church Street to be treated to the most beautiful lunchtime spread! Tapas and desserts went down a treat as did the bit of down time for everyone to chill out and chat about the day!

After lunch we had four more shows to attend, after the final show came to a close, we finished the day off in style at the Radisson Blu Hotel who hosted the wrap party to celebrate the success of the inaugural Athlone Fashion Trail.

The day was a huge success, the shows were fantastic, meeting the designers and boutique owners was such a pleasure. As well as getting to hang out with some of our nearest and dearest blogger friends, we also had lots of new faces join us too which is always such a treat! Into The West Blogger Network once again brought new bloggers together to make connections and friendships outside of the internet.

With plans now underway for the final #GalwayFashionTrail of the year in November, I know that together with Into The West Blogger Network, it will be one to remember!

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May thanks to Colm Quinn BMWRadisson Blu Hotel AthloneGolden Egg ProductionsOlivia DanielleAthlone Town Centre , BurgessNell’s ClosetBoutique ClodaghKadee BrideSuzie Mahony DesignsCeltic Roots & The Fatted Calf



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The Irish Autumn is setting in and so these sunny days are few and far between. We take advantage of the nice days and venture out to the wilds of Connemara for some headspace. Connemara in the sunshine is like no other, its paradise. Wild, free and beautiful. After an hour, we arrive at Dogs Bay (Gurteen Beach) in Roundstone. Glistening white sand is framed by bright blue skies and crystal clear waters. This isn’t Ireland, this is some exotic beach far, far away. This is heaven.

Get out of the car and the cold wind snaps at my nose. The wind smacks my head and tousles my hair, the little dog nearly blows away; she’s excited to be at the ocean. She impatiently runs ahead. I don coat, camera and sunglasses and climb down to the beach. The sand is perfect. We play on the rocks. Shoes off, the water is icy cold but there is one brave soul swimming, I dig my toes into the sand. We paddle in the water, looking for jelly fish; we race on the sand, do cartwheels and fall. The little dog digs tirelessly; digging is her favourite.

I mind wanders to Eva, she’d have loved this fresh air.

We meet a traveller with a camper van, he’s a musician, he’s been swimming. He offers us tea and we chat for awhile. We shoot the breeze about jellyfish, camper vans, seafood, music and the great outdoors. The little dog is sleepy, she’s had a busy day. We say our goodbyes to our traveller friend and part ways. We head back up through the fields to the road home.

On the way we meet some lovely cows grazing and some beautiful Connemara Ponies too. They have the life I think to myself .. nothing bothers them, life is good.



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“I am never alone wherever I am. The air itself supplies me with a century of love. When I breathe in, I am breathing in the laughter, tears, victories, passions, thoughts, memories, existence, joys, moments, and the hues of the sunlight on many tones of skin; I am breathing in the same air that was exhaled by many before me. The air that bore them life. And so how can I ever say that I am alone?”  ~ C. JoyBell C.

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Last month I ventured out to the largest of the Aran Islands, Inis Mór, with my friend Cara and her faithful companion; Tashi. We travelled bright and early in the morning via the port of Rossaveal, Connemara. There was a fresh breeze as we sailed across calm waters of Galway bay. We sat snug on board the ferry with Tashi and the other visitors,  sharing stories of adventures past.

Once we landed on the island, we sipped coffee and nibbled on scones on the sun drenched decking of Pier House BB. We then explored the gorgeous island with our four legged companion in tow. The day was such that I can only properly describe it as ‘perfect’. I mean that in every sense of the word; the sky was blue – not a cloud in sight, the sun was shining, no rain and no wind! PERFECT.

We decided to climb to Dún Aonghasa, the remains of an expansive fort perched on the edge of a vertical cliff; a breathtaking 300 ft above the sea. Dún Aonghasa is believed to been built and occupied originally in the Iron Age, although there was habitation at the site earlier, in the Bronze Age. Cara sure knows Aran well and her history lessons made the adventure even more enjoyable. It was like having a tour guide with me the whole way! Perhaps the most striking feature of Dún Aonghasa which she pointed out to me were the menacing rows of sharp stones, up to 5 ft in height which surrounded the fort walls. These were set into the bedrock at an angle to impale an invading army.

Once we reached the top, the sight was expansive and amazing. Not another soul around for miles, we were alone. Alone in this magical place. I took off my shoes straight away, barefoot is how I wanted to feel this moment. The feeling of grounding is immense when your standing upon a 300ft cliff, sturdy and calm.

No wind, blue skies, seagulls flying over head and waves crashing below. The warm sun bathed my bare, pale shoulders. I payed salute the sun here, barefoot and smiling. We lay on our bellies and gazed over the side of cliff, we meet interesting visitors and took lots of photographs. Cara lead us in a blessing, taking time to acknowledge the power, beauty and grace of the place we had come to visit. The beauty was everywhere, the universe was talking.


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Me shooting, Tashi posing! Thanks Cara <3