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Last week I was invited to attend the 2nd birthday of one of my favourite stores here in Galway – Amber! Located on Marys Street, Amber stock wonderful range of products from all around the world including beautiful jewellery from India and Morocco, singing bowls from Tibet, powerful and stunning gemstones and healing crystals from South America, Incense from India, the bestselling Angel cards and books, Natural organic oils, soaps and more.. Amber believe in the power of positive energy so each and every product is sent with high vibrational intent, ensuring that your product is ready to use the minute you receive it.

I first came across Amber when they first moved to Galway. They took up residence in an empty store that held alot of memories for me. You see, when I was a teenager, my first job was in that store. At the time it was a launderette and I spent many hours there serving the people of Galway! When Amber arrived I hadn’t been in the newly refurbished building in probably four years so I just had to go in for a look. The store (and website) is a treasure trove of all things spirit infused. The moment you walk in the door, you will feel the good energy in the place. If like me, you recoginze different energies, Amber s such a nice place to be if yours is a little ‘off’. This is helped by the lovely girls themselves, Jessica, Heidi and Fiona who run the store but more than that, they help and work with the people who come to them for guidance.

Besides retail, Amber offers all the alternative products one may need for meditation, healing, relaxation, sound healing, tarot, reading etc. and they run lots of evening and weekend workshops too! From Mindfulness Meditation Workshops to Pendulum Energy Workshops, Understanding Our Female Energies, Angel and Tarot Card readings to Womb Blessings and Journey Through The Chakras & Pendulum Workshops too  – Amber offer so much more to people who want to learn and work with their spiritual/ holistic side. The girls who work there, Jess, Heidi and Fiona are a wealth of knowledge and are always on hand to help our their customers, have a chat and work with finding you the product which is best for you.

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On the day of the birthday I arrived to bubbles and treats! Th store was looking like an Aladdin’s cave of sparkles and wonder, the air was infused with sage and incense and there was tons of people popping in and out all day. I decided to avail of the Henna tattoos being done on the day by the lovely Vcenza.

Vcenza is from Co. Down and has worked with Henna for some time. I had heard some mixed review about Henna art but Vcenza assured me that the one she uses is all natural and no chemicals! The Henna she uses is natural Henna powder mixed with water, lemon juice and essential oils. She then piped the mixture through a funnel or icing bag onto her clients hand. The mixture is black and wet when it goes onto your skin but dries within a half an hour and starts flake off soon after. It smells earthy like the Henna plant or grass and the lemon smell is also very prevalent. Once dry it looks like yellow ink from a yellow marker, a day later its a gorgeous shade of brown and fading slightly. I have to say, I REALLY like it and have gotten very used to it on my hand.. Check out Vcenza here on Facebook (she does parties and weddings etc.) 
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Later in the day I had a Chakra reading by Shaman Janine aka Gentle Warrior. Janine is a Shaman and healer hailing from South Africa (my favourite accent of all time!!) She does a variety of Shaman work but focuses very much so on women and womens issues such as self empowerment, healing, women’s bodies and issues. She is trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Animal healings, Tarot reading, Indian Head massage and more. I sat with Janine for about a half hour. She read my Chakras, and opened up the channels of communication for me. Amazingly, she read me spot on and gave me some amazing words of wisdom and  guidance.

I am fully aware and understand that people may be sceptical to this type of work but once you allow yourself to listen and be willing to try it and will to receive it, its pretty amazing how much you learn about yourself. I suppose people have this image in their heads of people who do this work as a pagan witches with long dark hair and crystal ball but this couldn’t be further form the truth. Janine isn’t there to read your palm and tell you how many kids you’re going to have or when you will marry or die but she’s there with a direct line to something powerful which she taps into. Her messages and words, if you let them, have the power to guide you a little and maybe help you when you find yourself at a crossroads. She is a lovely, open and happy person who beams with happiness and love for her job and her journey! I really buzz of happy people and situations so I felt this with her.

Janine gave me the piece of paper which she was writing on during our session with the messages she had for me. She went through everything thing really well and explained evening to me too which was wonderful. I left feeling a great energy, a boost and somewhat lighter!  I felt I clicked with Janine on such a high level, I think we view life in quite a similar way and I had such a good laugh with her after my reading. Find Janine online at – she does a range of courses and workshops in Ireland and in Amber too, you wont regret it!

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All in all, Amber‘s 2nd birthday celebrations were great success and I am happy I made it down to join in the celebrations. I met so many new and interesting people and made some new friends too which in my book is always a plus! Be sure to drop in for a look next time you’re in town, even to pop in and browse this gorgeous store is solo nice!! The energy in the store is super relaxed and you will definitely get lost in all their loveliness!

Find Amber online at, on Facebook too and on Twitter and Instagram too and tell them I sent you also! Find Janine online at and check out Vcenza here too!


L-R: Fiona, Jess & Heidi

Have you been to Amber? does this sound like heaven to you too? Let me know in the comments or tweet me! x

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  1. November 12, 2015 / 7:08 am

    I would love to pop in the next time I’m in Galway! 🙂 great post, lovely photos! 🙂 x

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