April … According to my iPhone

Every month, I look to the next month and say to myself ‘next month will be quieter, I’ll have more freetime’  – This actually couldnt be further from the truth!! April was a great month in what has been a tough year so far. Some great things happened for me! My lil brother came to visit me, I managed to fit in about 5 events, I spoke at 2!! The sunshine arrived in Galway and I got some of my creative mojo back! (It wasnt gone anywhere, it was just hibernating).

Together with some friends, I coordinated a huge charity fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis Galway too which raised €4k for the Cysitic Fibrosis Galway Hospital Project which we were delighted with! There were meetings, events, dinners, roadtrips and manicures too! The year is changing for the better and things are looking up. Plans are being made and ideas are sparking!! So, without further wait, heres is what April looked like according to my iPhone..


  1. I’ve been on that nail painting trip recently!! I also had my first ever manicure at Bellissimo Galway pamper evening which you can read all about here.
  2. Lots of restaurants were visited in April. First up – my favorite vegetarian place in Galway – The Lighthouse Cafe. Seriously CHECK IT OUT!
  3. Was invited to the grand relaunch of Lifestyle Sports Galway with Sinéad. Hanging out with the Connacht Rugby lads and lusting over colourful gym gear and trainers!! Oh yes – #lssgalway
  4. Hanging with my girl LoveJoules at the Galway Saturday Market is one of my fav things!! Its our very  ‘Carrie Bradshaw and Co.’, girly hangout! It means everything to me to hang with my friends. Nothing else matters!
  5. Some nice graff spotted in Galway on a gorgeous sunny day! Art by Finbar24/7
  6. Restaurant no.2 – my new fave Asian place in Galway is NEO on the Docks. Spent time here reminiscing about Thailand and all my summer adventures while crying into my Tofu Pad Thai.. Serious spot though, check it out!!
  7. Restaurant no.3 (this isnt a food blog, I promise!!) is The Skeff Pub. With the Family, we dinned on the sizzling prawns and a pint – Heaven!!
  8. Sunny weather ment walks around the city!! #fromwhereIstand
  9. My Style


  1. With the fantastic panel of speakers I was on at the Galway Startup Weekend FoodTech – Read all about it here.
  2. Spoke at the Shine Adventure Eventfor entrepreneurs too!
  3. Restaurant no.4 (I have a problem I know!!) is the Gaslight Brasserie at the Meyrick Hotel. The Gaslight is a bright and airy casual dining space where you can escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy a working lunch or a catch up with friends over great tasting coffee.
  4. This is a very special piece of art created by a friend of mine, artist Paddy Darcy of a friend, DJ and cool friend of ours that passed away. This art holds a special place in the hearts of some of my closest friends here in Galway and beyond. RIP Steve Concannon
  5. We held a cool event here at the SuperPixelLabs! A coolest co-working office space in Galway!
  6. Restaurant no.5 (I dont cook okay?!) is Mullberrys in Barna. Their food is delish, the pricing is extremely reasonable and the service is fantastic!! Fast becoming the best place to find me of a Friday evening..

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