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Hello November, I have been waiting  for you. I just didn’t know I was. You are the forgotten month, the that sits quietly and patiently between Samhain and everything All Hallows Eve inspired and the red month, the festive season of good will to all. You sit there in the middle of these tow mammoth months boasting Movember and other charitable causes and people use your peace to busy themselves for the upcoming December.

November is when the cold weather arrives. Autumn and winter fight to claim you. Winter creeps up the garden path every morning slowly and with a chill, I hear her creeping. Autumn prevails and she is seen most sunny, warm afternoons. These months, as I have mentioned before are like visual poetry to me and I love nothing  more than to soak in their words.

This wallpaper set I have created is in homage to that poetry, the season’s poetry. The words read ‘In the fall, I believe again in poetry if nothing else it is a movement of the mind.’ They are an excerpt from a beautiful poem by Jaakko A. Ahokas, writer. (See the full piece below). The image is from a set I shot in the garden of the Ardilaun Hotel which I still have to share.

Click here for the desktop wallpaper and here for the phone version. Hope you like the download,  tweet me a picture if you use it, I’d love to see! x


In the fall, I believe again in poetry
if nothing else it is
a movement of the mind.
Summers ball together
into sticky lumps,
spring evenings are glass beads from one mould
for standard-size youth,
winter a smooth heaviness, not even cold.
But the mind trembles
here, on the brink
the mind trembles
there is life, after all,
there is life, still
unbelief left.”
― Jaakko A. Ahokas

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Goodbye October. You have been wonderful. Although tough and testing at time, you remain my favourite month. I enjoyed walking and photographing the Galway City streets early in the mornings, having some wonderful nights out at different restaurants, taking lots and lots of photos and learning lots of new things too. I worked hard on projects, photoshoots, training and design as well as working on my CV and Portfolio for the first time in years!

I saw myself in print in GalwayNOW Magazine, I worked with some charities and companies and enjoyed warm, friendly Autumnal beach days too! The #itwbnBloggerEvent with Joanne Larby was also such a wicked day out with all the blogger family and we celebrated a family graduation too!

Nice one October, you weren’t that bad.. Here is what the Samhain month looked like according to my iPhone..


  1. Love the Autumn months for strolling the streets
  2. #FromWhereIStand – Autumn addition with Sandra during our GalwayNOW photoshoot!
  3. Galway’s newly refurbished BiteClub is AMAZING! Have you tried??
  4. Daily Tarot! this deck was a gift from lovely Julia. Find more online at Amber.
  5. Colourful cocktails at #itwbnBloggerEvent
  6. Choosing Happiness everyday
  7. Getting out and about with my cameras this Autumn
  8. The changing sign at Electric Nightclub
  9. #FromWhereIStand – Autumn addition


  1. Drinking Solaris Tea, the Chakra range, this one is ‘I Speak‘ (throat chakra). Its is unbelievable, definitely my favourite so far!
  2. Riverside walks on sunny days in Galway
  3. Accidental Autumn reflections
  4. Sinead & I talking ITWBN in the Galway Now Magazine
  5. Beautiful yet gloomy Autumn’s day in Galway, Waterside.
  6. Juno at the beach
  7. Gatecrashing a wedding on the beach
  8. Flowers and textures in coffee shops
  9. Glistening Galway streets lit by twilight

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OS-2796Have you ever come across someone online who just kind of sparks your interest? For good, for bad, for whatever reason, they are just kind of fascinating. This is what I thought the first time I clocked The Makeup Fairy AKA Joanne Larby. I remember hearing her speak at and event in Dublin and even thought at the time I didn’t ono who she was, I was sooooo impressed. As far as I could see, nothing fazed her, and if it did, she didn’t ket you know it. She’s a boss woman for sure, she’s in charge and in control of her life and I love that.

Over the past five years Irish Blogger & Makeup artist Joanne Larby, The Makeup Fairy has gained a huge following and fan base to her blog The Makeup Fairy.  Joanne is the Brand Ambassador for ONLY Clothing, Dr.Martins Coco Juice and Beauty Emporium, is the official blogger for The Pavilions Shopping Centre and the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards, she’s recently been made a YouTube and Stylehaul Partner and has updated her Make Up Portfolio with some well known UK celebrities. As a blogger and business woman, Joanne inspires so many people with her amazing work ethic, chic style and overall sincerity and kindness.


Needless to say I was delighted when Sinead and I decided to invite Joanne over to Galway and have her come and chat with out ITWBN bloggers for the day at #itwbnBloggerEvent. I just knew that being such an inspiring woman and blogger, she would have tons of advise and helpful tips for our bloggers.

On the day of the event, we took up residence in the stunning ballroom at the Ardilaun Hotel in a very beautiful area of Galway, Taylors Hill. This time of year Taylors Hill is a backdrop of perfect Autumnal colours with a rustic feel. We decorated the room as usual with all our beautiful balloons and branded goodies which we had printed the week before in Isupply. The exhibitors on the day started to arrive too.

OS-2601 OS-2658We were thrilled to have the wonderful Catriona from Solaris Tea with us again at this event. Having had her with us for our Afternoon Tea with Retro Flame event, we had fallen in love with both her and the Solaris Tea brand and were eager to have her join us again. Solaris Tea, are a family run business consisting of husband and wife tea,  Joerg and Karin Mueller. They specialise in the blending and preparation of International Award winning Whole-Leaf Organic Teas. Once again having Cat join us for the day and serve the stunning tea range was brilliant! She personally saw that everyone got exactly the right flavour and blend of Solaris Tea to suit them and made sure that everyone had a hot cup in front of them throughout the day!

OS-2624 OS-2625Next up we had Maryrose or exhibiting too! I first found on twitter and was fascinated by the product and idea! is Ireland’s first period subscription box, that delivers your pads/tampons direct to you – custom to your needs . Their mission is to take the drama, out of Period Drama and to say hello to a stress-free organised period instead. Subscribe to their Subscription Box and each month you will not only find all the essentials but also some treats too like sweets and herbal tea. Just what the doctor [probably] ordered! Their easy-to-use website makes the entire process as simple as ordering your favourite beauty products online!

Our next exhibitor for the day was Carmel at Kinvara Skincare. We loved having them with us on the day as we love to support local businesses! Kinvara Skincare are all natural, combining  scientific innovation to harness and distill the power of plants, seaweeds, vitamins and minerals into fantastic products for your face and body. Each ingredient is chosen with care and after much research for a specific purpose – you can buy Kinvara Skincare products with peace of mind knowing you’ve got a quality product you can trust. Carmel was on hand on the day to discuss many of the products Kinvara Skincare have to offer as well as give some sample products to the bloggers! Kinvara Skincare are also a firm favourite of The Makeup Fairy so it was brat to have them on board.

Finally we had the lovely Frieda from Athlone Towncentre with us too! Athlone Towncentre is a shopping centre located in Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland. The shopping centre is the largest shopping centre in the Irish midlands and although we have a great array of stores here in Galway and boast lots of boutiques and original stores, Athlone is now a huge retail centre for all the counties! Gone are the days of having to haul yo’ ass up to Dublin to get to some of your high street faves, now its a skip over to Athlone instead! We loved having Athlone Towncentre with us on the day who ran a wonderful competition and loved meeting all the eager blogging talent!

OS-2689 OS-2682 OS-2681 OS-2678 OS-2676So Joanne arrived and she was such a hun! She brought along her Mom too for support (cos’ ya never too old to bring ya mammy with ya!) and on meeting her Mom I could see where Joanne’s enthusiasm for her work comes from. We had a drinks reception where Joanne and the bloggers got acquainted and were treated to the most beautiful Mocktails and treats by the Ardilaun Hotel! I have to say, the attention to detail and the array of treats provided blew me away on the day!

OS-2651 OS-2649 OS-2652 OS-2647

The staffed brought down their beautiful food/cake stands which housed our yummy brunch! There was delicious Seafood Bouchons and Pork Shoulder and Black Pudding as well as the divine Goats Cheese, Chick pea humus and avocado salsa on a Chinese spoon (top marks for presentation, I had never seen this one before!!). Then there was homemade mini-fruit scone with sweet, fresh creme and strawberries on top which were my favourites and sweet potato cake which I hadn’t ever tried but helped myself to two helpings off! YUM! Then the dessert was a sensational Chocolate Torte which was all kinds of YES!

OS-2611 OS-2616 001 003OS-2631 OS-2630 OS-2620 OS-2693 OS-2689 OS-2692

 Joanne took the stage after brunch and we all sat eagerly waiting to hear her talk. This woman is super inspiring. She is so very smart and down to earth. She spoke to us about her journey into blogging, the beauty industry, modelling, going to university, relationships, fitness and of course, business. Joanne is an avid business woman who spoke the bloggers about knowing their worth and getting recognised for your work. One thing that came across was that Joanne had never had anything ‘handed to her’. She is clearly such a hard worker and she fights for her business. She doesn’t let people tell her ‘no’ and she believes in herself and her worth which is something I think everyone can work on in themselves every now and again. She’s had tough times and great times and she keeps her readers/fans very close and in on her life. She understands about sharing just enough with them.

Countless girls look up to Joanne. You can tell by listening to her Snapchat Q&A’s and again at the event on the day. Questions to Joanne range from what makeup she’s wearing to how she does her taxes as a self employed business woman to how she designs her blog and keep momentum for fitness. She is a fountain of information and she’s doesn’t keep it all to herself! She’s super helpful and shares out her knowledge and support in the hope of helping people.

After her talk, which, in honesty could have gone on another hour!! (So many questions!!) Joanne then went around chatting to everyone, answering more questions and taking photos. We sat/stood around for an hour or so more chatting about everything from blogging to snapchat to boys and business! As we wound down the day and people started to depart I had to hand it to Sinead and to our team on the day, this #itwbnBloggerEvent, the Beauty Brunch with The makeup Fairy was such a great success!! It had something a little more intimidate than the other events and I think it was my favourite to date.

OS-2636 OS-2642 OS-2641 OS-2711 OS-2707 OS-2703 OS-2736 OS-2724 OS-2723 OS-2719 OS-2717

No Into The West Blogger Network event would be complete without the amazing blogger goodie bags of course! We were thrilled to see so many companies involved again this time with our goodie bags! There was The Body Shop, Ogra Skincare, Nia Natural Skincare, Brodericks Brothers Rocky Road Bars, Flormar Cosmetics, Wet N Wild Cosmetics, Propercorn, Blank Canvas Cosmetics and Impress Nails not to mention the adorable packets of hot chocolate and vouchers from MyLadyBug and the travel kit from Kinvara Skincare. ITWBN bloggers are SPOILED!!

I am extremely grateful to the team which make it all manageable on the day!! Our wonderful ITWBN cheerleader, Ruth of the Beauty Kemple blog and our main man Kieran of Fear Nua blog with the help of Paula Fins Fangs Feathers & Fur blog too! We would be lost without these babes helping us out. The Ardilaun staff were an absolute delight to work with for this event! Everything ran smoothly and without a hitch, the room looked amazing and the food was stunning! a massive thank you goes to our new sponsor Isupply who printed all our promotional material this time around. Their work was excellent and their attention to detail unmatched! Thank you guys!

OS-2665 OS-2655

Of course, the final thank you goes out to the bloggers! What an amazing new bunch of people we have blogging in Ireland! I just loved meeting LOADS of new faces!! Im so thrilled that you all came along to the Beauty Brunch event and that we got meet and chat with all of you! You are the reason Into The West Blogger Network is here – without you all it just wouldnt be.

To end the day, as always, there was the go to crew of babes who sat around discussing life and having a coffee/glass of wine. Thanks again for the support gorgeous people, you’re all pretty amazing!!!!

OS-2801 OS-2795 OS-2788 OS-2782 OS-2781 OS-2780 OS-2778OS-2702 OS-2701 OS-2694 OS-2646 002

We have just one more #itwbnBloggerEvent on before the end of the of this year!! Blogging 4 Business, The Business of Blogging will be held in the Galway Bay Hotel on the 15th of this month. An event which will highlight and discuss the importance of Blogging, SEO and Content Marketing for businesses. Taking your business website to new heights with blogging and taking your blog one step further to a business. We have four great speakers/ experts on the panel for this event too! Journalist and author Joanne Sweeney Burke, Digital Marketeer Robin Chedgey, tech GENIUS and WordPress Wiz Micheál Reilly and successful Irish Blogger Ciara O Doherty will all be in attendance on the day sharing advice and tips!

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Letters spelling love

Print couldn’t die – as far as I was concerned anyways. I started printing at just nineteen years old, Id finished secondary school and hadn’t a clue what to do next, all I knew was I wanted to work and learn!  I also knew I  wasn’t going to college or university, Id had enough of the educational system and wanted to work! When I started working in print, I found that it was something that I not only enjoyed but I was really, really good at. Two things I could ever get from the irish educational system – enjoyment and a sense of pride.

Thus stared my love affair with everything print. I loved the history behind it, I loved the print processes, new and redundant. I loved the creativity and the methodology too. Its one of the single biggest achievements of human kind and revolutionised our world. I literally couldn’t imagine a world without it. Often, people would assume my work was just work and not a passion. They would assume that working in a printing factory wasn’t something someone could be passionate about.. I was never sure why this was.

Last month after 10 years in print,  I was made redundant. The company I worked for had struggled for a while but eventually had to close down. It was a sad time but I learned many lessons about myself and other people  and I also saw it as an opportunity  to pursue other passions and hobbies. I believe that everyone should have many passions, interests, hobbies and even forms of income. Gone are the days of having only one job and doing it ’til the day you die.

At the time of the redundancy, which was a heartbreaking time for us, one of my friends, went ahead and assumed that this was what I sort of wanted this. “Your free now” he said, “you can follow your real passion now” he exclaimed, referring to photography. I thought this was such a weird thing to say to someone, what a huge assumption to make. Yes, photography is a passion of mine, something I adore and can use for its total escapism BUT why would he assume that printing wasn’t my passion. Just because I started printing very young and haven’t really ventured out of it, doesn’t mean I was trapped with it. I loved it. Printing was my life.

On a side note, I knew many people working in the industry that weren’t as excited about it as I. I knew people who had worked in printing all their lives and weren’t far from retirement age and yet they hated it. They were the ones who’s job was a job and not a passion. >Grim<

I have protested and argued for years that print will never die. Ive read hundreds of articles on how digital will take over. Newspapers will be websites, forms will be filled online, iPads and smart phones will take over and so on; but as far as I am concerned, at the end of time when everything is gone – print will live on. It will never really die. Preserving this notion and this statement means alot to me. The print industry is steeped in a rich history and its invention was arguably one of the most important in human history.


Yet, on the day of my redundancy, in some way – print kind of died. I’ve been mourning it ever since. In my eyes, the company I worked for was my everything. I loved it. I loved everything about it. This family run, thirty year old printing company which housed so many talented, wonderful people was my home & they, my family. I know I can go on now and find more work and join another printers, but I fell like in a little way, Castle took something of mine with it – a tiny piece of my heart. Clearly Im a very heavily invested and loyal person.

Since then I have been thinking alot about my passions. I am lucky to have so many. Design, printing, photography, creating art, creating community, media, PR, marketing, events, working with people & animals and writing, all things I am passionate about. I am happy to now have the time to allow myself to really venture into these other passions and explore them not to mention fitting in more work with charities.  Buts its saddened me to think that my first and main passion might be disappearing altogether, one redundant company at a time.

So, will print ever die? The answer is absolutely not. With the revival of old printing processes like Letterpress, I think there will always be room for printing and a niche for old printing processes. Will I ever love it and work they way I did for the last five years. .

Im not sure..

I hope so.

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Autumn is my favourite time of year. I love that in-between bit where I can wear layers for fashion’s sake and not necessity. I love walking through the city on dry days with the Autumn sun beating down on my face, headphones on and a coffee in hand. I love the Galway Saturday Market on an Autumn morning as the produce offered starts to change and there is a fantastic bustling energy there.

I love walks by the sea, air cold enough to catch your breath but not make you sick. The sunshine keeping you the right temperature but the cool breeze keeping your fast pace. I love to walk in the woods and witness their annual colour change and life cycle.

There are lots of amazing things you can do in Galway this Autumn, check out my ideas below:

Sunset on Galway Bay

  • Walk the prom in the evenings or mornings. A walk by the sea at any time of day is wonderful for the body, mind and soul. But walking there in the early morning, Autumn sunshine goes new meaning to the idea of heaven. Long evenings there are also beautiful as the sky is painted a million colours as the sun sets. Theres nothing like the sun going down over Galway Bay.

Little Cinema ©

  • Little Cinema. The Little Cinema is a monthly short film showcase, that supports film-making at grass root levels in the West of Ireland and beyond. Funders Kenny, Julia & Liam have grown this project into a Galway staple over the last few years which is now a key player in the Cities arts scene. Over the 4 years it has screened over 400 films from over 170 film-makers and has provided an invaluable platform for film-makers and film-lovers to meet, network, showcase their work and simply enjoy films. A fun night for all lovers of film.

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 12.41.02

  • Galway Market on a Saturday morning. There is nothing like it. Grab a coffee from McCambridges or Espresso 44 and head down to the market. Stop and smell the flowers literally, try on some hand knitted gloves and beautiful silver jewellery. Stock up on fresh fruit and veg, peruse some artists work and then warm up with some hot Vegan curry from Govinda’s. Heaven!


  • Walk out in Barna Woods, Coole & Rinville Parks. This time of year is the time to get outside and bask in nature. Get out while you still can (before the bitter Winter weather arrives). Rinville park is a large public park located by the sea. The facilities include a, playground, picnic and barbecue areas. The network of walks through the woodland and open farmland, along with the scenic view of Galway Bay make it a very popular amenity area. Set in the grounds of an old stately house, many of the original structures are still in place. Coole Park was once the home of Lady Augusta Gregory, dramatist, folklorist and co-founder of the Abbey Theatre. There here are two trails to follow at Coole, an easy 1.75 km walk, and a longer 4.5 km Trail too! Grab some friends, some dogs and go out walking! Barna Woods ia a smaller woods on the Barna Road between Knocknacarra and Barna, its a pleasant place to still, walk the dog and bring kids! Lots of space for running around! Don’t forget a picnic!


  • Visit Madra and make some new friends. Madra (Mutts Annoymus Dog Rescue Adoption) is a rescue in Camus, Connemara. MADRA’s ultimate and overall aim is rehome all their starts to permanent, loving homes. They do wonderful work in rescuing and rehoming unwanted dogs in the city, county and beyond. Their animal shelter and HQ is based in the gorgeous Connemara countryside and there is always residents there who need to be walked, played with, washed/groomed and of course fostered and  adopted! Why not volunteer for a day or two?
  • Join a gym. Autumn is a brilliant time to join a gym, the evenings are short and getting outside in the evenings is sometimes a chore. Joining a gym and going to classes or swimming a few times a week is a wonderful way to keep active, meet people and get out in the evenings. Check out NRG gyms and Inspire Fitness here in Galway, they are brilliant.


  • Take for a photo walk! This isn’t just for photographers, anyone can do it. Autumn days are some of the most stunning we have. Get that camera out of storage, get a disposable in the Euro Store or even just use your phone. Walk around the city or go out to the country and photograph to your hearts content! Galway is a photographer playground to be honest, the streets and buildings in the city centre have such character and stories to tell. With the river running right through the city with bridge, islands and canals, the photo opportunities are endless! Capture some memories!


  • Start a class, workshop or online training. Autumn is when all the workshops and night course start up again around the city. The evenings are darker and the temptation is there to stay in a watch movies and tv a lot more but its the perfect time of year to start a Yoga class, learn how to cook or learn a new language. What about starting your own blog? Check out for more on that! Go on, turn off Netflix and start some learning!

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 12.50.44

  • Call up an old friend and go for coffee. Late evening trips to the coziness of Java’s cafe or the Secret Garden Cafe are a must for cold, dark Autumn evenings. Get in touch with an old friend (or someone new!) and grab an evening coffee (or read!). Evenings at home, alone are not good for your mental health. Get out and get chatting, the problems of the world need to be solved goddammit!


  • Enjoy the Festivals! The Latin Quarter Halloween Festival, the Macnas Parade, the Comedy Festival, the Christmas Market, the Oyster Festival and so on. . We are the city of festivals and just because the weather is a little cooler doesn’t mean you have to miss the fun! Wrap up, get out and enjoy some of the great festivals in Galway this Autumn time.

So theres my list of some stuff to get yourself up to this Autumn. Don’t let the change in weather get you down. Call up some friends, make a plan and get out and about. Enjoy the city the way she wants you too!

Have you anything to add? What do you like to do when Autumn roles around? Let me know in the comments or tweet me!

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Links I Love

Are you new to my blog? What bought you here? Was it a random succession of clicks and links on sites and social media that had you stumble across the world of Wild Cosmia? Yes! This is how I find most of my favourite, most interesting blogs, sites and links on the internet and I love it! As I progress through life I find myself using the internet to not nay educate me but to open my mind a little, or a lot!

Open it to possibilities, adventures, ways of life, kick ass music  and exciting projects. This month I have been reading alot about Astrology, Feminism, looking at photos of old Hollywood, watching Autumnal themed movies and eating Propercorn – have you tried it?! YUM! I’ve been listening to epic music and dreaming of living in amazing houses all over the world too! Check out all the Links I Love below and let me know what you think of these little treasures..

  • These amazing photo manipulations of the stories of real life feral children throughout history are simply amazing & left me speechless.
  • Closeup of Billie Holiday singing “Fine & Mellow” accompanied by James P. Johnson at piano during jam session in studio of LIFE photographer Gjon Mili.
  • This interview is some of the most honest, raw footage Iv seen ever  of a celebrity/ woman/rapper/feminist/activist. Azealia, Queen.
  • Stunning quotes from children’s books that we all should know..
  • Man spent 15 years building this amazing house, I want to live there now!
  • Some absolute genius has created a Tarot Deck with illustrations by my all time favourite artist, they are absolutely stunning! *Christmas List*
  • A beautiful reminder of  how absolutely tiny we are on the big blue planet
  • Diggin’ Acid Rap by Chance The Rapper, listen and download for free here

Thats it for another couple of weeks, what did you think? Wanna read more? Check out my previous Links  I Love posts here and dive right in!

Let me know what you think, leave me a comment or tweet me!

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