Autumn/Fall Desktop Wallpaper {Free Download}

That time of year again, my favourite time of year! When you look past the endless grey days in Ireland, where the rain is so bad the air is constantly heavy & drenched and stacking layers upon layers of clothing is the norm; there are in fact these little glimpses of the most beautiful changing of the season’s anyone’s ever seen.

That to be matched, I imagine, with a Fall season spent wandering around orchards in Vermont or in little ‘Gilmore Girls’ inspired towns in Connecticut, NY. And even though I dream of spending a season in these New England towns, I know that the best is always here on my doorstep, we just have to look a little harder for the beauty sometimes.

In Galway, it’s easy to find. Between the forest walks, the beaches, the parks and the great and vast Connemara countryside. Autumn’s offerings are there for the taking if you just look for them. Of course, this time of year can also bring that somewhat melancholy feeling too. We say goodbye to the summer and its sunshine fun. But this is hibernation time. Time to sleep, recharge the batteries, get cosy and warm because even the most beautiful flowers sleep in autumn, no one can bloom all year round.

This shot is from a series of photos I’ve been shooting weekly since the end of September. Shot out in Connemara on a cold but sunny day. Grab the FREE desktop wallpaper here and the phone version here. Feel free to share this with friends and why not tweet me a shot of them in use to @saibhegan


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