Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains. ( or Ballynahinch Castle)

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Chasing angels or fleeing demons, go to the mountains. ~ Jeffrey Rasley
Some shots from recent visit to Ballynahinch Castle in Connemara. Built some time between the end of the eighteenth century and the first decade of the following century, the castle is nestled in between the Twelve Pins Mountains on Ballynahinch Lake. The walks around the grounds of the Castle are beautiful, rugged and natural. I walked on a wet, overcast morning. The rain didn’t arrive but it hung in the air like a damp cloth. The fog had descended on the mountains and it was hard to see their peaks. Inside the house, the open fires roared as bus loads of tourists arrived, excited to see ‘postcard Ireland’ -this is definitely ‘postcard Ireland’. I love it.
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  1. Kat November 12, 2014 / 4:16 am

    the photos with sheep are my favorite!

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