Christmas Gift Guide for Your Favourite Photographer

Christmas is around the corner and we will soon see the swell of people in our towns and cities busy shopping for the perfect gifts! I love Christmas, its one of my favourite times of year. I love buying gifts and even mores – picking them out! I love hours spent trying to find the perfect gift for people and of course, the perfect wrapping paper too!

Picking and buying a special gift for your favourite photographer can sometimes be tricky we can be a hard bunch to buy for! I’ve taken all the work out of it and put together this fun list of things you could buy the photographer in your life.

Camera Strap


Camera Strap – Gone are the days of having to stick with your boring, branded camera strap. With hundreds of sellers now making custom straps, theres no need for anything less! I love these fun foxy straps as well as these slick leather, embossed ones too. These floral numbers are also just gorgeous in their design and this hipster/folk strap from Photojojo are also very cool. This Galaxy one is my FAVOURITE!

Glass Diana DSLR Lens


The Glass Diana DSLR Lens – With film coming back in couch a huge way now, the  Diana camera is being snapped up again in force! But, all that money spent on film developing  has started to grate and the Diana has been shelved again for its DSLR counterpart.  It’s time to rekindle the old spark with the Glass Diana DSLR Lens! It’s a glass Diana lens that’ll mount right onto your Nikon or Canon DSLR. Capture Diana’s signature vignetting and the extra-saturated colors with the crispness and clarity that only comes from glass. Plus, none of the hassle or money spent on film processing – WIN!



Notebooks/Planner –  One of the most important pieces of equipment that every photographer should  have in their kit is a photographers notebook. A Photographers Notebook is the hub of all their creative ideas, goals and inspirations. With shoots, meetings, reccys and editing time, the planner is such an important factor for weeks that are never the same!. The one Im using this year is by Paperblanks, which has to be my favourite (and what I will re-buy for next year!). They are by far the most robust and beautiful in their design also.

The original Filofax is another favourite, tried and tested by me! Really a Filofax is for life and not just for christmas as you change out the pages each year for a new set. Im loving this Asos notebook is cute as well as this cute custom sketch book too. These handmade camera notebooks are also definite crowd pleasers!!



Photoframes – I love to print my photos and frame them. A gallery wall is on my wish list when I have my own house. I love to find unique frames to house all the special memories and just hate to leave them on the computer for ever. A photo frame, when gifted to a photographer, wont stay empty for long! I love these Copper framed hanging glass frames, as well as the standing version  – they are so unusual! I also love these chunky Metallic frame too and these Poster Frames are wicked for blowing up huge images! Basically, we can never have too many frames!!



These are top of my list,  I love these Lens’s for creative freedom! Lensbaby is where innovation inspires creativity and where imagination comes alive. The Lensbaby‘s creative effect lenses, optics and accessories give you limitless combinations of tools to capture the moment as it is happening. The idea behind this lens is that is moves and shoots at the same time, thus altering the finished photograph dramatically! Check out some of them in action here. They are pretty pricey but this is a wish list right?! 

Camera Bags


Admittedly I have many camera bags, I change them to suit whatever event I am going to. For a big shoot, I like the full gear bag but for bringing use the camera and the lens to a party or out somewhere I use something smaller and more  handbag like. Again, with so many independent sellers now, gone are the days of us only using a boring black camera bag etc. We now have a wide range of bags of varying cost, style and use. I love this waxed canvas one from Etsy as well as the Kelly Moore Bag too! I really love the sling bags too by Lowepro and these unisex ones by Millican.

Phone Accessories


Im not sure I know a photographer who doesn’t love play around on their phone, using photo apps and photo sharing too. Buying photography accessories is quite pricey and lets face it, you’re probably not about to go out and buy your favourite photographer a lens anytime soon BUT you can get them a range of phone lens’s and accessories instead! I love these iPhone and Android Lens Series as well as these Olloclip 4-in-1 Lens too.

These vintage camera phone covers definitely catch my eye as well as these vintage Kodak ones too. This Holga Lens wheel is the business, It’s like having 9 toy cameras all in one!! I am also also HEAD OVER HEELS for this Lensbaby Sweet Spot Phone Lens.. Swwooon!!! Every photographer I know would love a Lensbaby so this phone lens version really is awesome!

Memory Cards, Filters and HardDrives


These may not be as exciting but this is the sh!t we constantly have to spend our money on! Memory cards come and go like taxis in a photographers life and well who doesn’t need more memory!? Pick up great SD Cards here as well as hard drives (for Apple and Pc) as well as filters too! Always check with your favourite photographer before buying any of these items as different cameras take different cards, some people use Apple and some PC and lens filters have to fit certain lens in order to use them.

Go-To Guide – Books, Instant Cameras, Travel Mugs


There are of course some old favourites among with photographers, ones you just can’t go wrong with. There the good old Lens Mug, a firm favourite with photographers and you can’t ever go wrong with a good book either. Coffee table books are muchos better than instructional ones, check out this one by LIFE magazine, its one of my favourites! This book by Irish photographer Peter Gordon shot at Burning Man is also a personal favourite of mine. Instant cameras are also another great gift for your favourite photographer and they are getting more inexpensive by the day! I absolutely love my Fujifilm Instax Mini as well as the new Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 Camera too don’t forget a packet of film!

So theres my round up of gifts for your favourite photographer.. or.. me 🙂 What else would you add?

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