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As a follow-up to my last post about Lanta Animal Welfare (read it here) here are some photos and portraits of the amazing wolf pack I had the honor of being part of. Most of these animals have suffered by the hand of humans or as a result of their environment or culture.

They are resilient and smart animals. Adaptable, loving and playful. And most of all, up for adoption! It’s through the work of LAW, it’s hardworking volunteers and staff, and the generous donations from the public that give them a chance of finding a forever home.

Here’s just a few faces and stories:

Maisie and her sisters April, Emily and Coconut were rescued from Koh Jum. The veterinary staff at LAW along with volunteers were on the island running one of their ‘Mobile Sterilisation Clinics’ where they can sterilise up to 200 animals in 4 days! These rather odd but beautiful puppers then came back to LAW with the team. Emily, Coconut and then April were all adopted so now its just the gorgeous, spotty Maisie who needs to find a forever home.


Bella was living as a street dog and was being badly abused by local people and kids. She came to the centre and was treated for Cancer and went into remission. Although by the time I arrived, Bella had been adopted (she was waiting to fly home to Sweden) we really did hit it off. She is a feisty little madam who really didn’t take shit from anyone. She was a gorgeous black mixed breed with a ridge of hair right down the centre of her back, this I gather is due to her having Thai Ridgeback in here genes somewhere.

Bella knew she was my favourite, I would always be there to walk her. We would go to the beach and play in the sand as well as through the forest which she loved as she would look for monkeys. The day before she flew to Sweden, I bathed and de-ticked Bella then she stayed with me in my room for her last evening. She was delighted! I knew she was going to be an amazing pet to her new family as she just loved the comforts of a home.

Andrzej, the golden lab boy was admitted days after my arrival. He had been attacked with a machete and had two large gashes either side of his neck. A well looked after, young boy who I guess had an owner at some stage; he is friendly, mannerly, playful and great with people and children. He was lined up to be a playmate for Shep, a rather energetic German Shepard who was in a pack with two older boys but soon we found out that Andrzej and Romeo seemed to spark up a bit of a Bro-mance and so once they were together, we couldnt separate them!

Andrzej is now totally healed of his physical wounds is doing well. He is now up for adoption. 


Leo is a gorgeous, energetic, vocally expressive German Shepard boy at Lanta Animal Welfare. As a puppy, he was chained up by his owner. Only in the last few weeks, when he arrived at LAW, did he have the chain which chiseled and cut a massive wound into his neck, removed.

As horrible as it is to see this huge, gaping wound on his neck, his want and need to be with humans is overwhelming. He doesn’t like to be alone and I don’t blame him!

Thankfully though he is doing well at LAW and will be up for adoption soon!!


Pumpkin is a firm favorite with the LAW volunteers. A loving, shy and rather timid boy, he’s got the biggest heart of all. He was walking with tourists one day and slipped his lead. Missing for three days, he appeared at the reception of LAW on the fourth. The volunteers would tell you themselves; he wasn’t the same dog. Whatever he experienced during his escape changed him. Scared him.

He is now doing much better and is working really hard to meet and trust humans again. With his coat of soft, jet black hair and his eyes of melted caramel; he wins people’s hearts every day! I am so elated to hear that Pumpkin has now been adopted!! He has been chosen by the family of the amazing vet at LAW Andrzej and will finally receiveve the loving home he has longed for in Poland. Congrats Pumpkin!


Posh, the trouble maker! She is now adopted and lives happily with her new family. When I was volunteering though, she was the one with endless energy and apatite for trouble! LOL!

When working the night shift at the center, Posh was the one pupper who would rile up all the others at 4am for a sing-a-long! But all things aside, she has a heart of gold and I just know shes going to love her new life abroad with her new fam!


Romeo/ Lucky is this charming black and white pupper! He was in a car accident when he was little and hurt his spine. He then had some seizures resulting from the trauma. He’s the picture of health now and is dying to meet some great people to live with!


This old boy’s name is Oliang. He is a loving old lad who likes the quiet life. Oliang arrived at LAW with a skin condition so bad that all his fur was black and sticky. We are lead to believe that this name, Oliang means ‘black coffee’ or black water’ in Thai. He is a sweet old boy who up until recently held the record for not being sterilised for the longest time at LAW. At first, the vets decided that he was quite weak and didn’t want to risk putting him under anesthetic just yet; but more recently was in the OR having a lump removed from his belly and so he also had the other two ‘lumps’ removed too! Taadaah! Sterilsed Doggo!!

Oliang is up for adoption, but as he’s quite an older boy. LAW would suggest he find a home on the island or perhaps in Thailand. The flight overseas may be a little much for this old boy.


Shep, the German Shepard pupper. She can be a handful for sure but she is a big baby who loves nothing more than to cuddle and play fight. She’s waiting to find a home, possibly with some amazing people who are passionate about training German Shepards. She has been sponsored to quite a bit by people who have met and fallen in love with her but can’t adopt her; meaning the adoption costs wont be high for the people who finally fall in love with her.


Nin, she was shot in the face, neck and back when she was a little younger. She’s the most loving dog at LAW, I dont think I ever saw her bear her teeth to man or canine! To me, she is a testament to love and the undying bond and trust that dogs can have with humans. Shes happily living in Germany now with her new mom and another LAW adoptee; Toots!


Woody, he was admitted to LAW with a huge hole in the top of his head. I watched the vet pull maggots out of his skull a few days after he arrived. Old, blind and scared, he finally started to trust us and with the help of a little cooked chicken, would venture outside his kennel. He loved to sit in the grass and feel the sunshine on his bones. He made a full recovery and got to go home to the people who care for him. Luckily he lives just down the road so LAW is always just around the corner if he needs them.


Becks is Posh’s brother (disclaimer: I didnt name them!) and he is a little shyer than Posh but definitely just as noisy and playful! He has been found a forever home and family and left the center the week I left to start his new life in Germany!


Toots, she arrived at LAW with a stab wound! She is a gorgeous, energetic pupper who stole the heart of one of the volunteers! So now, shes living in Germany with volunteer Sherin! Playing in the snow, living in a real house with a loving family AND with another LAW adoptee Nina as well!


So this is a fraction of the stories I could tell you about LAW. With 40 dogs and about 40 cats, there are stories to make you laugh and to make you cry. I highly recommend that if you visit Koh Lanta, you pop in to meet them all yourself. Cuddle kitties, walk some

Cuddle kitties, walk some doggos and play with puppies!! Take the tour, meet the volunteers and support them by buying a t-shirt or making a donation. You won’t be let down. Just have a look at their Trip Advisor; Lanta Animal Welfare is the number 3 place to visit in the whole of Thailand! Not bad for a little animal charity.

Not bad at all.

If you wish to donate to Lanta Animal Welfare, read below or click here.

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Lanta Animal Welfare is a non-profit charity based in south Koh Lanta, Thailand. LAW are dedicated to improving the lives of all animals, relieving pain and suffering. At Lanta Animal Welfare, they believe passionately that we all have a responsibility to protect the animals around us. LAW strive to raise awareness of the hardship of homeless, sick, and injured animals, the benefits of adopting an animal in need, and their mission is to end the homeless animal crisis.

V O L U  N T E E R – Lanta Animal Welfare are always looking for volunteers to help them out on a month basis. Working with both cats and dogs, volunteers are asked to give a minimum of one month. As well as this, LAW are always looking for volunteer vets to come down to the island to volunteer too which is a great idea for both newly certified vets to gain experience as well as seasoned vets to educate. If you are interested, get in touch with the volunteer co-ordinator here ASAP!

D O N A T E – LAW receives no government funding. A monthly gift from YOU, however big or small is the only hope for survival for the many thousands of dogs and cats on Koh Lanta and the surrounding islands.  Can you help?

€50: You will provide life saving care to a sick or injured animal

€25: You will provide the best start in life for a puppy or kitten

€15: You will provide a better life for a stray by covering the cost of one sterilisation

Monthly Donations support LAW year round, most importantly during low season when even more animals are abandoned, many of whom are sick or injured and in urgent need of help. Monthly donations ensure they get the care they need. Click here to donate.

A D O P T – The LAW centre is always operating at full capacity. This means they urgently need to find people who are willing to adopt one of the beautiful dogs or cats in residence. They have over 30 dogs and 60 cats of different sizes and personalities, both puppies/kittens and adults. All show tremendous love for humans and are in great need of your time and affection. If you want to take an animal home, LAW can help with the whole process, whether your home is in Thailand or in another country. Click here for more.

F L I G H T  V O L U N T E E R S – With many of the animals at LAW already adopted and getting adopted by the week, this means they are in desperate need for Flight Volunteers to get the animals back to their new homes. Flight volunteering for Lanta Animal Welfare is super easy and will cost you nothing. LAW arrange everything for you including all paperwork. You will feel amazing knowing you helped to take an animal to their deserving forever home! Click here for more info. 

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