International Women’s Day 2016 – Helping Women Locally

12801413_10154003592419252_2788988911338076214_nYou probably know its International Women’s Day today (8th March), thus I think it appropriate as ever to talk about local women. Local women in my city, Galway are homeless, some with their children and they are trying to seek refuge, right now.

COPE Galway work to temporarily house and help the homeless, women & children experiencing domestic violence, and older people. They are a local Galway charity, not even as big as Cancer Care West, they look after the people in YOUR community.

COPE Galway Osterley Lodge is a women’s refuge in Galway. This service is a 12 unit hostel which provides emergency and short term accommodation for women on their own and women with one or more children experiencing homelessness.

Support local women this International Women’s Day. Donate today via their website – Every little bit helps, even €5 –

“In 2015 Waterside House could not accommodate 288 individual women with 405 children who were seeking refuge. While all attempts are made to assist women to access safety when they call, refuge spaces need to be available on an ongoing basis for women at risk.”

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