Lingerie shoot with Erin!

Last month, a new model Erin contacted me about doing a lingerie shoot.. I was excited to work on this with her as I don’t shoot with a lot of lingerie so this would be something different. We booked the presidential suit in the Clayton Hotel in Galway, which I have to say is just the coolest room Iv been in! Its like a super slick penthouse apartment on the top floor. With floor to ceiling windows, luxury bedroom & living area and beautiful freestanding bathtub, needless to say I wanted to live there!
We had a lot of fun doing this shoot here as there were a lot of options. Erin really blew me away on this shoot, being a new model I didn’t expect her to be quite as confident and relaxed as she was but she really made the shoot exciting & fun! She free-posed & moved her body the whole way through the shoot and really knew how to play to the camera! Erin is unsigned at this time and is a fantastic model so if you would like to hire her, contact me for her details. Makeup on the day was by the amazing Suzanne Dolan who really captured the different looks we were going for! Hope you like!
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