Links I Love


Links I Love

Are you new to my blog? What bought you here? Was it a random succession of clicks and links on sites and social media that had you stumble across the world of Wild Cosmia? Yes! This is how I find most of my favourite, most interesting blogs, sites and links on the internet and I love it! As I progress through life I find myself using the internet to not nay educate me but to open my mind a little, or a lot!

Open it to possibilities, adventures, ways of life, kick ass music  and exciting projects. This month I have been reading alot about Astrology, Feminism, looking at photos of old Hollywood, watching Autumnal themed movies and eating Propercorn – have you tried it?! YUM! I’ve been listening to epic music and dreaming of living in amazing houses all over the world too! Check out all the Links I Love below and let me know what you think of these little treasures..

  • These amazing photo manipulations of the stories of real life feral children throughout history are simply amazing & left me speechless.
  • Closeup of Billie Holiday singing “Fine & Mellow” accompanied by James P. Johnson at piano during jam session in studio of LIFE photographer Gjon Mili.
  • This interview is some of the most honest, raw footage Iv seen ever  of a celebrity/ woman/rapper/feminist/activist. Azealia, Queen.
  • Stunning quotes from children’s books that we all should know..
  • Man spent 15 years building this amazing house, I want to live there now!
  • Some absolute genius has created a Tarot Deck with illustrations by my all time favourite artist, they are absolutely stunning! *Christmas List*
  • A beautiful reminder of  how absolutely tiny we are on the big blue planet
  • Diggin’ Acid Rap by Chance The Rapper, listen and download for free here

Thats it for another couple of weeks, what did you think? Wanna read more? Check out my previous Links  I Love posts here and dive right in!

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