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Some days the internet is the only place to go, to escape to. I find myself hanging out here more than ever. Recently I have been reading up on Feminism, living ‘off the grid’, the history of Paganism & halloween, travel, grief, Pantheism, loss, sadness and more.


Check out some of my bookmarked links below..


★  It’s like a magical wonderland!! Take a look inside Iris Apfel’s three-bedroom Manhattan apartment. Gaff goals right there!

★  After a total binge on the Netflix newbie; ‘Stranger Things’ (UNREAL!) I stumbled across ‘Insecure’. The series are co-created by the amazing Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore follows a modern day African – American woman living in LA. This has to be some of the most refreshing TV I’ve seen in a long time. Reminiscent of the first series of GIRLS, this show doesn’t sugar coat or talk down at/to women, their careers or their relationships. Clever, funny, stylish and with the amazing Issa Rae MC-ing in every episode, it’s class!

★  The fragile ears of men is a very interesting read on the somewhat gender bashing of singer/artist Joanna Newsome (who’s song this site is named after!)

★  Hopefully these two boys will drop an new EP soon. Im waiting on baited breath till they do!! Seeing them live is on my bucketlist for 2017!

★  Love this ‘55 Movies you have to watch by the time you’re 30!’ list by MarieClaire Online. I’m working on this list at the moment. I think its missing Airplane, It’s A Wonderful Life and Monty Phython (Holy Grail) to name a few.

★ Have you seen The Tale of Thomas Burberry? Its the new campaign video for Burberry depicting the (dramatised) life of label’s the founder Thomas Burberry. Irish actor, Domhnall Gleeson stars as the big man himself alongside Sienna Miller. If it were a feature length, I’d watch!

★  I’m trying to find the Joy in Sadnessthis talk by Joey Van Den Heuvel really spoke to me and made me look at my emotions a little differently. We have to let sadness do her thing or happiness will never really understand.

★  Check out this TEDx talk on Grief by Elaine Mansfield. Another one I watched earlier this year and again just in the last month. Again, watching these videos has given me new outlooks on the subject.

★  Industrial farming is one of the worst crimes in history. Personally, Im trying to go meatless and hopefully as animal-byproduct free as I can.

★  Check out this guy and his family living Life Off The Grid in Leitrim! Maybe a bit too off the grid for me, but I like it!

★  Recently I have been listening to Hozier (Cherry Wine), Kendrick Lemar (Alright), Brigid Power (I Left Myself For Awhile), SZA & Chance The Rapper (Childsplay), Elliot Moss (Even Great Things) and Aslan (Wish You Were Here).

★  Dreamy Costa Rica sanctuary is home to 900 lucky dogs and I kinda want to live there now.

★  These are the most beautiful quotes from some well known Irish Writers. They have the power to take me to another world.

★  My favourite time of year, Samhain (or Halloween) is here!!! .  Read up on the origins of Samhain here.

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