Links I Love


Links I Love

First instalment of Links I Love for 2017. This time of year there is much talk of resolutions and promises and the internet is a black hole of gym memberships, meal plans, bucket-lists and holiday offers. Er, no thank you!! You wont find any of that here. Let’s leave all the self deprecating, guilt inducing, mind shrinking garbage at the door and instead do some actual internet browsing.

Recently I have been reading up on tree houses, feminism, Empaths, traveling and blogging, hiphop documentaries, woodland adventures and more. Grab a cup of tea (my current fave is the Solaris Organic Rooibos Cacao Chai) play some tunes (check the first link, it’s all my new faves) and have a read through some of the Links I Love.


★  Been listening to lots of Hip Hop – Rex Orange County – Kendrick Lamar – Kyle feat Chance The Rapper – James Blake feat Chance The Rapper – Daniel Caesar – Get You ft. Kali Uchis – Sigma feat. Birdy

★  This article is all about Why Men Should Do Yoga, but to be honest it’s why EVERYBODY should do yoga!

★  Lawmakers in Chicago spotted a secret weapon in the fight against domestic abuse: hairstylists

★  I really love this article: 15 Things You’ll Notice When You’re In The Presence of an Empath

★  Women Defy Saudi Restrictions in skateboarding video, smashes the patriarchy and strikes a nerve online

★  All the movies you should have seen in 2016, working on this find right now!

★  I’m loving following the adventures of the Round The World Couple! They packed up, sold everything and left the states in search of adventures around the world

★  Have you heard of Princess Nokia? Female rapper out of NYC – Watch her documentary here and get to know her

★  Take a look inside the fairytale woodland commune in Ontario with photographer Iris Andraschek

★  Really interesting article ‘Gender is in the brain, not between the legs’ found on the Irish Times. Irish American becomes first person to be identified as ‘Intersex’

★  Like alot of people, I grew up watching American kids TV and so my love of the quintessential treehouse was born. Check out these tree houses… Warning: After reading you may want to quit your job and run away to live in a treehouse somewhere!

★  A bit late, I know but Chance The Rapper dropped a Christmas Mixtape.. Check it!

★  Theres no way of running from the facts: Ireland is changing, she’s growing.. Her daughters are rising up, her sons are too. Don’t know what I’m taking about, read up here: #RepealThe8th

★  I just finished watching ‘The OA’ on Netflix and I just adored the casting, namely Ian Alexander playing the role of ‘Buck’, a trans high school student in the new show.

★  Finally, least we forget that there was actually some good in 2016, here’s 10 things worth celebrating in 2016

Like those? Catch up on other Links I Love posts here. Catch up with me next time!

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