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Living in South East Asia this past while has meant a new kind of ‘love/hate’ relationship with the internet, well, wifi connection particularly! So when I am in fact in wifi, I am reading loads, working, checking emails and finding new music online.

I’ve also been powering through books on my new Kindle too. This surprised me as I’ve never been the most avid reader. I’ve probably read more books in the last month than in the last ten years and now, I actually don’t know how I ever lived without the Kindle! Super handy for traveling, lightweight and dependable!

As always, I’ve stockpiled some of the Links I Love so that I can share them with you! From documentaries, personal essays and photo projects to new music, Apps, and mythology writings, there is lots of stuff to get through! So please, scroll to the bottom, queue up some tunes and catch up on some of the Links I Love!

★ I’ve been totally obsessed with this documentaries series by i-D Magazine featuring UK tattoo artist Grace Neutral. From London to L.A., Korea to Kiev, i-D’s video team together with Grace has traveled the world to capture stories and images depicting different tattoo scenes from around the world.


★ I adore this list of baby names taken from Irish Mythology. Of course, my own name is there, Sadhbh (Saibh) – ‘Lover of Fionn mac Cumhaill, she spent three years transformed into a doe for refusing the love of a dark druid.’ Some of my favorites include Danú, Lir and Fraoch! I named a wild dog at Lanta Animal Welfare Danú during my time there. When traveling, my name is often the topic of conversation as it’s so rare and somewhat hard for other people to say. The Thai’s call me ‘Sai’ and others call me ‘Sibh’. I’m now spelling it phonetically too sometimes, ‘SIVE’.


★ Recently while on a bus to Penang, Malaysia from Hat Yai, I met two travelers on the same trip. After a few hours, many bathroom breaks, lengthy conversations, and two immigration stops we got onto the topic of writing and blogging. Sure enough, I was chatting to Esther Nicklin of Conscious Ibiza. It’s a fab site covering all the events and goings-on in the conscious community on the Island! I actually couldn’t believe it because earlier this year when I was researching Yoga retreats, I stumbled upon and devoured much of Esther’s blog! Serendipity??


★ Since 2011, Michael Joseph has shot black-and-white portraits of train-hopping, hitch-hiking travelers. As a new exhibition of the images opens in New York City, the photographer discusses friendships and freedom on the road over on i-D Vice


★  I was awful at school. Maths, languages, and spelling.. yeah pretty terrible all round. I was literally that kid who ditched school and made teachers live’s hell (#SorryNotSorry). And so now I find myself doing quite a bit of on and offline writing and it’s tough! One app for use online which has changed the way I work and the way I write (literally!) is ‘Grammarly’. Grammarly is an English language writing-enhancement platform which once installed, checks in real time your writing, spelling, and grammar. It highlights your possible mistakes as you type and suggests edits to your copy. I’m not a hugely techy person who downloads newly released apps etc but this is one I don’t think I could live without!


★ Throughout my love affair with hip-hop music, there has been for me, only one queen. The original queen, the soulful, breakthrough, breakaway woman that is Ms. Erykah Badu. I mean I’ve long thought that the song Love Of My Life – An Ode to Hip Hop – was actually describing my own life and love for the genre (which I’m sure it is for many!). The acclaimed album Baduizm is 20 years old this month. This article takes a look back on the story of the release of one of hip hop’s most treasured records.


★ There’s something very special about the work of writer Shonda Rhymes; the women who wrote, among others Grey’s Anatomy. Here are some of the loveliest, impacting quotes from the series. Admittedly this one left me in tears…


★ I feel like everyone is hiking these days. There are photos of people hiking all over my Facebook and Instagram etc. Are people starting to revolt against their smartphones in search of real life highs?! I think YES! This article talks a little about new studies that show that hiking causes changes to our brains and makes us happier!


★  Some eye candy? I’m loving this series of photos inspired by Frank Ocean by Quil Lemons. Lemons is challenging our notions of gender and race with his series ‘Glitterboy.’ Cannot wait to see more of this work.


★ I haven’t been watching many movies recently but Captain Fantastic is definitely one which really left me thinking. The story, the acting, the music – it really is a brilliant tale of love, family and living off the grid. The other movie I have been gushing over is another oldie, it’s American HoneyA no-holes-barred, modern coming-of-age story featuring Shia LaBeouf and Sasha Lane. The soundtrack is an absolute fucking gem, I mean it’s literally been on repeat on my Spotify since I saw the movie!! Crunk af. Last, Thanks to my friend Preethi, I watched this documentary, Born Into BrothelsThis film tells the tale of an American photographer Zana Briski working in the red light district of Calcutta. She meets and forms relationships with the children living there and through their eyes, tells their story.

★  Currently listening to Dodie – Sick Of Losing Soul Mates – I love it, I cry. Hooked on this tune and indeed the epic video by Kendrick Lemar – DNA (Check the fantastic cameo by Don Cheadle!). Crushing on this one by Rae Sremmurd – No TypeThen there’s this GEM from the American Honey OST, Raury – God’s Whisper. I haven’t always been a Miley Cyrus fan but with her new found honesty and uniqueness, I have kinda got a crush on her! This tune Miley Cyrus – Giving You Up really has spoken to me recently and maybe made me cry a little too. Like her or hate her, Miley has some set of lungs and we definitely have only just seen the start of Miley. FYI, the new track ‘Malibu‘ – also a definite earworm! And finally this epic cover of Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’ by the gorgeous Hasley (girl crush alert!) her version, Fuck Yourself is a million times better!


Thank you for reading and keeping up with me. Want more? read up on other Links I Love in the archive!


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