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Welcome back to my Links I Love series whereby I basically list out and link some of the cool, weird and nice things I’ve stumbled over on the internet of late. It’s not the longest list this time although there are a few gems. I put this down to me actually reading alot more books lately now that I am a proud Kindle owner. Seriously, where was Kindle all my life?! I swear my life would have been different had I actually had a Kindle and actually read books in school.. oh well, Ce La Vie..

In this edition, I link in some interesting photos-series (as always), lots of yummy musical offerings and videos, some history and some newly discovered science too.

So skip to the end, line up some of the music tracks and check out some of the Links I Love..

★ Self-love is the best love. Read Diana Veras’s 10 step guide to feeling beautiful and loving yo’self!

★ Whether you’re a believer or not; these photos of the ‘Moon Landing’ have just been released and they’re fascinating…

★ Between 2004 and 2009 there was a Showtime long-running series named The L Word; which to this day is still my fave ever series (I’ve watched it at least twice.) The series follows the intertwined stories about the lives and loves of a group of lesbians and bisexuals in LA. If you haven’t watched it or even heard of it, I recommend you stream it – NOW. Turn off your phone, make snacks and settle in for some ultimate binge watching! I loved this article about how the show literally shaped Lesbian culture.

★ Like many of my Links I Love, I’m not even sure how I found this one but I am glad I did!! Enjoy please, 99 hours of ambient music from Sci-Fi movies 🙂

★ I just fell head over heels for this house; the oldest surviving wood framed house in America..

★ Something I have read alot about in the last year or so is Death. Death, detachment, departure and loss; but also studying the many religious beliefs around what happens after the soul leaves the body. This article is probably the most real to me.

★ Im always interested to see how music artists get involved with politics. Namely, hip hop/rap genres. not unlike when Diddy, Common and Kanye were among the plethora of US MC’s urging the younger voters to ‘get out and vote’ for Obama. This year saw many UK artists get on the campaign trail for Jeremy Corbin. This article is a great overview of the part played by Grime artists.

★ “The discovery opens a ‘new chapter in astrophysics’, say experts, and has been described as one of the most exciting ever.” – Yeah, so two stars recently crashed into each other, wobbling the universe and flinging out huge amounts of gold!

★ The images of ‘the Hasanlu Lovers & their 2800 years-old kiss gives me all the feels <3

★ Currently listening to Raleigh RitchieCowards. There’s no official video yet but I imagine it will be epic if it does land. I’ve really been getting into Jayden Smith too, who really is proving himself as a pretty good MC and performer. The album Syre really has cemented him as a true class act; I’ve had Batman on repeat for like a month! Ja’dore the video too! Virginia ‘Trap House Jazz’ whiz kid Masego combines sharp trap and smooth jazz in Navajo. One of the sexiest songs on my re-play. G-Easy has fast become a God-like figure in my eyes. Sharp-tongued, well-dressed boy from the Bay Area with beats on fire! I know these guys aren’t exactly new music but I found this great set from London Grammer live at Lowlands 2017 and it’s pretty unbelievable. I’ve been listening to Tom Misch for some time now. His sweet, ambient guitar and electro tunes are proper chilled and summer vibes bubble. Recently though, I stumbled across this cover of Patrick Watson’s Man Like You and just fell in love all over again.

★ I’m ADDICTED to this track Guala featuring Carnage. The lyrics are a trip and the video is something really fresh. Love it. I first discovered this band Highasakite on a Facebook advert in what was like a ‘Visit Oslo’ promo video. Since Last Wednesday was the song that drew me in and got me hooked on their melodic, female-fronted upbeat pop offerings. Check it out. Lastly, a man who has made this list a few times, Mr. Loyle Carner. I cannot seem to even put into words how good he is and how big he’s guna be. Every single track on this new album ‘Yesterday’s Gone‘ is perfectly put down and laced with honey. Check out this track The Isle of Arran  and don’t even come at me if you rate him. His version (remix?!) of Kanye’s Heard ‘Em Say for Radio 1’s Piano Sessions is absolute Bliss to my ears!


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