Yoga is so much more than posture and stretching. Yes, of course, it’s these things too; but Yoga for me is a community. In Galway, Yoga is, of course, up and coming and I find more and more people who are getting into it. Although I have travelled and done many types of Yoga with many, many teachers. For me, it always comes back to Sinéad Love Yoga; and this girl? Shes all about Community!

Based in Galway, Sinéad leads affordable Yoga and Meditation classes and workshops. As well as bringing her own blend of fun, playful and awareness based teaching, she also hosts retreats all over Europe. She facilitates private lessons, yoga in the workplace as well as community events. During the summer months, Sinéad hosts wonderful community gatherings by the ocean on a donation base. She has created a wonderful community in Galway; a community of Love Yogis!

Earlier this summer, during our fantastic summer weather I shot photos of one of these community beach Yoga classes. This was actually a Yoga class infused with Tai Chi which was really lovely. The class was held on Ladies Beach in Salthill, early in the warm morning sunshine. Although I’ve noticed a nice upturn in the number of men now attending Yoga classes in Galway, the interesting thing I noticed about this class was that it was all women who attended.

So all women, on Internation Women’s Day, on Ladies Beach and it was the same morning that Ireland found out the results of the 8th Referendum on Women’s Healthcare. It was truly a Fem Fest! There was a magical feeling of Sakti in the air that day!! YES!!!

After the Yoga class and short seaside meditation, we then shot some asana (posture) photography. Sure enough, the Universe showed up and gifted us with the most blissful light which created a wonderful, natural studio for these shots [below].

I always love shooting with Sinead, she’s a beautiful teacher and invested 100% in what she does. Shooting with her, like being in her classes is fun, playful and flowing. She embodies her love of Yoga and that is reflected in both her teachings and her persona.

LoveYoga Galway is all about both Yoga & Mindfulness; as well as this Sinead promotes healthy eating, healthy feeling and healthy thinking (hello!!! everyone needs healthy thinking!!). She practices Hatha Yoga which is a slow,  mindful and relaxed Yoga. Hatha Yoga is a traditional Yoga practice from India dating back thousands of years. Using our Pranayama (breath) along with the Asana (poses) help to nourish us, we build a better relationship with our bodies, giving it attention, giving our bodies love and acceptance.

“Yoga is great for everyone. People have their pre-conceptions of what it is. Every class is different but you should feel great benefits even after one class. It`s meditation, exercise, relaxation and therapy combined”  – says Sinead.

Sinead loves to help people realize their potential and use the tools they already possess access this in a relaxed and playful way. Find her here or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and book a class, I’m positive you will enjoy it!

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