Love Yoga Galway {Part Two}

Earlier this year, on a cold clear January morning in Salthill as the sun peeped out from behind the clouds, I managed to fit a photo shoot in before I left for my travels. 

The subject of this somewhat crazy yet ethereal shoot? The one and only Yoga Queen (YASS!) of the West herself, Sinead McKiernan of LoveYoga Galway. This is the second time I have shot with Sinead, the first being in November 2015, hence the blog post name! Not unlike this post, we shot last time on the beach, in the cold but there was definitely different energy and thus it produced different images. Check out our last shoot in this post here.

LoveYoga Galway is all about both Yoga, mindfulness, as well as this Sinead promotes healthy eating, healthy feeling and healthy thinking. She practices Hatha Yoga which very slow and relaxed. Hatha Yoga is a traditional Yoga practice from India dating back thousands of years. Using our Pranayama (breath) along with the Asana (poses) help to nourish us, we build a better relationship with our bodies, giving it attention, giving our bodies love and acceptance.

Having Sinead as my own, personal guiding light of Yoga for the last few years has been delightful and empowering. Watching her grow and blossom into a wonderful teacher and business woman has been even more exciting. She has such a sweet, loving personality as well as having a gift for making people feel comfortable and secure. She is non-judgmental and not dogmatic in her approach either. Everyone I’ve introduced to her classes has returned again and again.

“The true miracle lies in our eagerness to allow, appreciate, and honor the uniqueness, and freedom of each sentient being to sing the song of their heart.” ― Amit Ray


At this point, shooting/working with Sinead is like working with an old friend. We met early for a coffee, sat by the ocean and just chatted for a bit. I think this is actually just after I had secured my flight off the island and so naturally our conversation drifted to the ever-changing plans of the universe and the idea of surrendering into it and letting what will be, be.

As we moved down the beach, the sun came out and we took center stage on the main beach! Sinead in her bright blue leggings, bending and contorting in the white sand. We then had a visitor join us too, this gorgeous golden labrador who just wanted to be in the spotlight too so, we let him. Why not right? Gives a new meaning to ‘Downward facing dog’ that’s for sure!

With Sinead’s hard work and love of what she does, LoveYoga Galway has grown and developed over the last two years to be one of Galway’s hit Yoga practices. Her classes and workshops fill up quick as well as her morning Yoga Breakfast events in 56 Central on Shop Street – for those who want to stretch and feel good before work. With a truly fantastic online presence, Sinead keeps in touch with all her Yogini’s via social media and newsletters filled with meditations and yummy recipes too.

She offers the odd class free of charge too which is always great to look out for. Yoga should be accessible to everyone, everywhere” she explains. And if that’s not enough; in the summer months, she also leads donation based Yoga practices on the beach in Galway and Spideal too. Oh yes, Yoga on the beach, at sunset!! Heavenly!! She then donates the money raised from these popular classes to various charities. Win Win!! “Yoga is great for everyone. People have their pre-conceptions of what it is. Every class is different but you should feel great benefits even after one class. It`s meditation, exercise, relaxation and therapy combined” says Sinead.

Sinead loves to help people realize their potential and use the tools they already possess to relax and have fun. Find her here or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and book a taster class, I’m sure you will enjoy it!

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