The Other Lives We Lead {Botanical Gardens Dublin}


“As I try to break back into my other life, I realise all the lives I’ve lived. The ones I enjoyed immensely for their joy, the ones I fell in love with because I loved somebody or was being loved. And the lives I lived for the sake of someone else.”

When I pick up the camera now, sometimes it seems so foreign. My life lived behind the lens seems like a million years ago. And yet, it feels so right, like we were never apart. I realise now there is great strength in taking time out. Time to think, time to assess, time to have fun and time to grieve. All we have is time or lack there of, so we need to make sure we are  allocating it all the best we can.

I shot these photos of  Aising Duffy Catwalk Model Agency  recently up in Dublin. These are the start of a series of posts with Aisling. Although we’ve worked together many times over the last four years, this time was different, it was a reunion. Always a pleasure with this lady, she inspires me.


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