Oh how times flies! I find it so hard to believe thats its nearly the end of March already. What a strange few months have passed me by in this haste. Falling ill at the start of the year and other events which were miles out of my control ment that I never got around to posting my ‘According to my iPhone‘ posts for the first months of the year so heres an extended version of the regular post.

Having had such a crazy few months, there is huge gaps in the timeline of photos on my phone. There is at least three weeks unaccounted for. They happen to be a few weeks I wouldn’t care to remember anyway but it did get me thinking about how and why I love to document life the way I do.

The easier it gets to document everything I do, the more I do it. Looking at times when I havent taken photos makes me realise how important it is to me. With the huge amount of stimulus our brains get everyday from a number of outlets, it really is easy to forget what we did ‘last Thursday’ or ‘two Saturdays ago’. Entire days go by without us noticing. Photographing and documenting little moments in my everyday life help me remember the little things that make me smile, laugh or cry in my days. Which I like. Its important to hold our memories close. Someday they may be all we have.

Anyway, I have put together a selection of snaps which represent my life over the last few months. They are happy and sad. This was the start of 2016.. according to my iPhone..


  1. One of the last shots of 2015, the Christmas Day swim at Blackrock
  2. Graffiti at Pump Lane, on the side of the Bierhaus
  3. Wind turbines on the bog in Spideal in January
  4. Standing at the head of the world’s largest dry dock in Belfast
  5. Beautifully lit streets in Belfast City
  6. That one time when Starbucks got it right
  7. Rushing waters carries our troubles away
  8. At the Accenture Digital Media Awards at the Hilton, Dublin
  9. Big bow for a big gift! BMW’s at a blogger event at Colm Quinn BMW Galway


  1. Juno tasting the rain out on the bog, one dirty spring day
  2. The sun over Galway bay through the fisheye lens
  3. Flowers and Docs #FromWhereIStand
  4. Cocktails at the Skeff Bar as part of the Galway Fashion Trail
  5. Springtime means getting out more, exploring more!
  6. Kiki Na Art on the runway at the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards
  7. Hanging at the #itwbn Blogger Breakfast at Colm Quinn BMW
  8. Bubbles, bakes and blogging at theGalway Fashion Trail
  9. Galway looking her very best on St. Patricks Day


  1. The girls from COPE Galway‘s Waterside house for women and children in refuge receiving their donation of paper & art supplies from Snap Galway & Mr. Price!
  2. Yummy Ramen noodles dish, made just for me <3
  3. Selfie from theAccenture Digital Media Awards
  4. Young love at Silverstrand on a spring afternoon
  5. Meeting Emilia the 14 week old piglet at the Burren Nature Sanctuary
  6. A gift from a client who I connected with. Such a sweet gesture.
  7. Vivienne Martyn Jewellery on the runway at the Irish Fashion Innovation Awards at the Radisson Hotel Galway
  8. Nothing compares 2U
  9. Galway at dusk

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Oh November has been a busy one! I feel like this Autumn has flown by so fast, like in the blink of an eye, heres December. November being such a busy one, saw Into The West Blogger Network enjoy our last event of the year, the Blogging 4 Business Event at the Galway Bay Hotel at the start of the month. We also attended some coal events and the Galway Fashion Trail too.

This month, I also started a new job which I excited about! Now, December’s arrived and Im thrilled, I love the season, I adore christmas!! Seeing friends, buying presents, nights out and charity work make December on of my favourites! Evenings spent with friends and sunday afternoons watching old movies… bliss!! When do we get to put the tree up!?!  Check out the rest of my month according to my iPhone..

2Accoring to my pone layout-2

  1. Photos I shot for the Galway Now Magazine, published early November with fellow blogger & stylist Sandra Harty
  2. Autumnal vibes in Galway at Cross Street are just my favourite thing!
  3. Macavity has been meditating with Gabby Bernstein, clearly he’s totally zen! Follow all my cats on Instagram at #BratFaceCatFace, or my Pup at #JunoSpoono. Yes Im that person..
  4. From Where I Stand  –  sprouting bulb edition
  5. Hot pink pavlova puffs from Gourmet Tart Co. Salthill
  6. Enjoying the lovely Jasmine Solaris Botanicals Tea at the #itwbnBloggerEvent
  7. Galway is starting to look a lot like Christmas, yay!
  8. Amber’s birthday celebrations were so much fun!
  9. Printing photos, old school with PhotoBox – I love this service!

2Accoring to my pone layout-1

  1. White, festive hot chocolate dates at Esquires Coffee, Eyre Square
  2. I helped at the COPE christmas food appeal at Tesco, collecting food items for less fortunate, local people this winter with Galways Lyons Club . . want to volunteer with me?
  3. Beautiful autumnal days in Galway remind me that the rain always stops, eventually.
  4. Stunning jewellery by Irish Designer ArtySmartyShop at My Shop Granny Likes It, Galway. Spotted at the #GalwayFashionTrail
  5. Shooting with Sinead from LoveYoga Galway – blogpost to follow <3
  6. Slow Sunday breakfast dates in Kai, Galway are bliss!
  7. Brown Thomas lit up like Christmas, heaven!
  8. From Where I Stand – Wedding/Girlie edition
  9. Winter Warmer Fundraiser with Solaris Tea, Into The West Blogger Network & Simon Community Galway

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Goodbye October. You have been wonderful. Although tough and testing at time, you remain my favourite month. I enjoyed walking and photographing the Galway City streets early in the mornings, having some wonderful nights out at different restaurants, taking lots and lots of photos and learning lots of new things too. I worked hard on projects, photoshoots, training and design as well as working on my CV and Portfolio for the first time in years!

I saw myself in print in GalwayNOW Magazine, I worked with some charities and companies and enjoyed warm, friendly Autumnal beach days too! The #itwbnBloggerEvent with Joanne Larby was also such a wicked day out with all the blogger family and we celebrated a family graduation too!

Nice one October, you weren’t that bad.. Here is what the Samhain month looked like according to my iPhone..


  1. Love the Autumn months for strolling the streets
  2. #FromWhereIStand – Autumn addition with Sandra during our GalwayNOW photoshoot!
  3. Galway’s newly refurbished BiteClub is AMAZING! Have you tried??
  4. Daily Tarot! this deck was a gift from lovely Julia. Find more online at Amber.
  5. Colourful cocktails at #itwbnBloggerEvent
  6. Choosing Happiness everyday
  7. Getting out and about with my cameras this Autumn
  8. The changing sign at Electric Nightclub
  9. #FromWhereIStand – Autumn addition


  1. Drinking Solaris Tea, the Chakra range, this one is ‘I Speak‘ (throat chakra). Its is unbelievable, definitely my favourite so far!
  2. Riverside walks on sunny days in Galway
  3. Accidental Autumn reflections
  4. Sinead & I talking ITWBN in the Galway Now Magazine
  5. Beautiful yet gloomy Autumn’s day in Galway, Waterside.
  6. Juno at the beach
  7. Gatecrashing a wedding on the beach
  8. Flowers and textures in coffee shops
  9. Glistening Galway streets lit by twilight

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October is here, Autumn is here, my favourite season! September was a very weird month for me with alot going on and tons of work to get done. I kind of settled back into Ireland after my summer in Thailand although I was frozen and my tan and freckles have started to fade! We held two great blogger events at the Glenlo Abbey Hotel and 56 Central Galway which were absolutely awesome and seeing all the bloggers after the summer break was so wonderful!

I received some bad news in September which left me a little empty & bit torn up, but I’m reminded everyday by amazing people in my life to take each day as it comes, be positive and things will work themselves out. Roll on October I say!

Here is what September looked like according to my iPhone..

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 14.28.26

  1. Flying home from Thailand with Paula, I love to photograph the clouds.
  2. First Tarot card of the month! The Ace of Pentacles – representative of new beginnings, fresh energy, and inspiration, yes please!
  3. Back to see my beautiful Salthill for the first time in two months
  4. Blogger Lunch date with Kerry & Sinead at The Huntsman Inn
  5. Galway’s hustle and bustle is alive in Autumn
  6. Stopping to chat to lady cows is my fave
  7. Catching and seeing the beauty everywhere
  8. Claddagh Quay with blue skies
  9. Lunch dates at Kai <3

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 14.27.54

  1. All white Watson Cat
  2. Delicious Desserts at 56 Central mini #itwbnBloggerEvent
  3. New Rimmel Foundation from #itwbnBloggerEvent goodie bag
  4. The tower at Glenlo Abbey Hotel, beautiful!
  5. From Where I Stand // ITWBN // Nails on Fleek
  6. Walkies and sweet treats at the beach with Juno
  7. Erika Fox // Retro Flame at #itwbnBloggerEvent
  8. Dreams at Hairwaves Salon
  9. Gardens at Glenlo Abbey Hotel 

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