Earlier in April, I was asked to speak on the expert panel at the Galway Start Up Weekend, Food Tech Event! The event was sponsored by Bank of Ireland and hosted at the epic co-working office space SuperPixelLabs, Galway City. I was excited to visit theSuperPixelLabs on the day which is a brand new and exciting co-work office space in Galway.SuperPixelLabs provides an ecosystem designed to help entrepreneurs and startups succeed. They provide not only office-as-a-service, but also events, resources and a supportive network to help your business thrive. It has to be said, this place is unbelievable!! The offices are full of colour and movement. I definitely want to be working here at some stage!


Anyways, back to the Startup Weekend – Over the course 54 hours, participants experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. As they work to create a real company, they meet and work with the very best mentors, investors, cofounders, and sponsors who are there to help participants get started. We live in an exciting time when new technologies are changing our interactions and relationships with food. Foodtech is fundamentally changing how we cook, eat, find, share and experience food.

“The hardest part of starting up is starting out.
 At Startup Weekend, you’ll be immersed in the ideal environment for startup magic to happen.”

When surrounded by smart, passionate people and with the best tools and approaches at your disposal, you’ll take giant leaps toward creating a business, becoming a founder, and connecting with the right people and resources. On the panel with me on the day was Olivia Collins of FoodPR.ie, Mark McGann of SuperPixelLabs & Keith Bohana of Bank of Ireland. The MC was Robbie Skuse of Kollect.ie (check him out, I love the Kollect.ie idea!!). We discussed blogging, content creation, website design & photography. My emphasis was on the look & feel of blogs with great content and the need for good photography on a blog. There was a great buzz about the place with the teams eager to ask questions and learn about blogging & design.

BIG congratulations to everyone who attended, sponsored, mentors and of course the winning team themselves; Scanitive. Scanitive is an app which will allow consumers to see how many teaspoons of sugar is in their food and drink purchases. The team included Saileog Droney, Conor Aspal, Jane OConnor, Ciaran Monoghan, Marc Vandenberg and Kim Tighe.

I really enjoyed this event, more than I thought I would to be honest. Theres nothing like being in a room full of people how are geared up and inspired to make and create things!! I loved the passion that everyone brought to he table and to say the chats went on for hours – would be an understatement!!

The next Galway Start Up Weekend, Food Tech Event is in October 2016 and I cannot stress how much fun these events are!! Definitely worth getting involved in. Meeting new people, getting the brain working, having fun and creating things – nothing better!!

Well done to co-ordinator in chief – Olivia Lavelle and team on this amazing addition to the Galway Event’s Calendar.

IMG_4598 IMG_4610 IMG_4590 IMG_4587 IMG_4551IMG_4593 IMG_4595 IMG_4548

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A very wise lady I know once said “Theres no such thing as not ‘having time’ for something. There is only you, not making things a priority. I love this saying and I’m reminded of it a lot in my everyday life. I never take any time to look after myself, I know it. Okay, I get my hair done once every couple of months but honestly, thats about it. Even at that, the 3 hours it takes to get my hair done really pains me as I just hate sitting still for that long!! In my head I know I could be doing a million other things!!

So why now? In the wake of a tragic bereavement earlier this year, I got sick. My energy levels hit the floor, I got colds, Influenza and bug, ear ache, body pain – you name it, I got it. I realised I needed to make this right and work on myself and my health. I have decided to try and factor in more time for myself, make myself a priority. Luckily and in divine timing, I was invited along to a pamper evening at Bellissimo Galway by their PR team at Mini Media. Straight away, in my head I turned down the offer, saying to myself I just ‘wouldn’t have time’ (!!) but then I stopped myself, backtracked and graciously accepted the invite.

Bellissimo is an international award winning hair and beauty salon. Based in Galway Retail Park, this huge salon and spa is definitely the largest beauty space in Galway. With a massive hair salon, beauty salon, foot spa, luxury treatment rooms and now the new addition of ‘Wigs At Bellissimo’, Bellissimo is definitely a one stop shop for all the beauty and pamper needs. A long standing huge hit with bridal parties, birthdays and anniversaries, Bellissimo has whatever you need. The staff are so knowledgeable and so nice to chat to also, making it a pleasant experience.

Its not surprising that inline with my earlier confession of ever really taking time for myself that even though Bellissimo is 18 years open in Galway, Id never been there. On arrival, I was blown away by the size of the place, its huge! We were greeted on the evening with a beautiful spread of canapés and cakes from The g Counter and delicious tea from Solaris Botanicals!

After our hellos and eating some mini cheesecakes, I was then seated at the nail bar with my technician Isabelle for my first Shellac Manicure. I suppose its good to note that this was my first manicure of any type, ever!! Isabelle the nail technician couldnt believe it!! I cannot believe I hadnt done this sooner, my gosh, Im hooked!! As someone who loves to paint their nails but cant wear it in the workplace – this is the answer for me!! I went with violet polish with ever changing Indigo for the ring finger. To say Im pleased with them is an understatement, Id say Im hooked! I cant wait to go back for another mani very soon! 

Bellissimo is in the process of re-launching ‘Wigs at Bellissimo‘. They have been supplying Wigs to customers for over 14 years in Galway. Wigs at Bellissimo is established as one of Ireland’s leading Wig Specialists in the alternative hair industry. Their service benefits a vast number of necessity wearers however they also cater for the fashion conscious wearers who mainly opt for ready to wear wigs. We got a sneak peek at the part of the salon and some of the range they provide. Such a fantastic service, one that been around a long time just got a super facelift and will be a great addition to Galway. In addition to all of this, Bellissimo is also an approved supplier by the HSE and Private Health Insurance companies. They can work with their clients to get grants where possible.

We had such a great evening at Bellissimo, between the nails, the food, the tour and the banter.. I think Ive found my new beauty salon!! First step on the path to looking after myself a bit more, checked off the list. I enjoyed it so much and it gave me such a boost!! Cant wait to go back again!

002OS-7533 OS-7538 OS-7539 OS-7542 OS-7545 OS-7546 OS-7547 OS-7553 OS-7554OS-7573 OS-7557 OS-7580001 OS-7581 OS-7583 OS-7582 OS-7597 OS-7598 OS-7601 OS-7610 OS-7616 OS-7619

With another year drawing to a close, we (Into The West Blogger Network) took the opportunity to throw another Into The West Blogger Network mixer just before Christmas. We were invited to attend a drinks evening at the newest bar & venue in Galway, STUDIO. For anyone who doesn’t know, STUDIO is where Carbon nightclub once was or, in my day – the fantastic wonderland that was the  GPO nightclub and Drum Bar (mmmemories….).

In between the mental the craziness of the lead up to christmas, I got the invitations out to the network and the RSVP’s received. We had a wonderful turn out of about twenty bloggers joining us for an evening of drinks, laughter and blogger chats. There was a brilliant mix of people for this event including some new faces! We had Frank join us who has just setup a food blog. Frank is Aisling Palegirl’s partner so it was lovely to have them join us from Clare for the evening.

Also in attendance at his first Into The West Blogger Network event was Cathal of Glass Of Red Wine blog. Cathal has been blogging with the network for a few months so it was a delight to finally meet him in real life. He was joined by his husband John who is a fitness blogger who has been blogging for quite some time on his epic blog, it was so nice to have these blogging couples with us for the evening. We also met Fiona of  Wild Asteria blog, she’s been bogging with us for a few months and even though she said she was a bit nervous to meet everyone, fit right into place like she was part of the family. Well, that is the welcoming environment we try to create for Into The West Blogger Network at all times.

So with all our new bloggers joining us and a good few of our now solid family of bloggers, we sat down to a glass of wine, nibbles and chats. STUDIO has a wonderfully welcoming environment and we were looked after very well by Eoghan, Edel and their STUDIO team. We had some nibbles too but all agreed we would have to go back and try the bar food as the other guests food looked amazing!

Our Into The West Blogger Network mixer events are always such a great opportunity to meet up with all the bloggers, to get to know everyone a little better and of course to talk about blogging! I cannot wait for another year of adventures and fun with Into The West Blogger Network and all the amazing bloggers I get to meet, work with and hang out with.

If you’re an Irish Blogger, either blogging from home or abroad, get in touch and join us at Into The West Blogger Network this year! We work to support and connect Irish Bloggers with each other and with brands and companies too! Make friends, come to events and workshops and get more out of blogging this year.

OS-4838 OS-4837 OS-4827 OS-4825OS-4840 OS-4842 OS-4847 OS-4848 OS-4828 OS-4824 OS-4821 OS-4819 OS-4835 OS-4834 OS-4832 OS-4830 OS-4829OS-4853

Have you been to STUDIO? What did you think? 

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OS-2796Have you ever come across someone online who just kind of sparks your interest? For good, for bad, for whatever reason, they are just kind of fascinating. This is what I thought the first time I clocked The Makeup Fairy AKA Joanne Larby. I remember hearing her speak at and event in Dublin and even thought at the time I didn’t ono who she was, I was sooooo impressed. As far as I could see, nothing fazed her, and if it did, she didn’t ket you know it. She’s a boss woman for sure, she’s in charge and in control of her life and I love that.

Over the past five years Irish Blogger & Makeup artist Joanne Larby, The Makeup Fairy has gained a huge following and fan base to her blog The Makeup Fairy.  Joanne is the Brand Ambassador for ONLY Clothing, Dr.Martins Coco Juice and Beauty Emporium, is the official blogger for The Pavilions Shopping Centre and the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Awards, she’s recently been made a YouTube and Stylehaul Partner and has updated her Make Up Portfolio with some well known UK celebrities. As a blogger and business woman, Joanne inspires so many people with her amazing work ethic, chic style and overall sincerity and kindness.


Needless to say I was delighted when Sinead and I decided to invite Joanne over to Galway and have her come and chat with out ITWBN bloggers for the day at #itwbnBloggerEvent. I just knew that being such an inspiring woman and blogger, she would have tons of advise and helpful tips for our bloggers.

On the day of the event, we took up residence in the stunning ballroom at the Ardilaun Hotel in a very beautiful area of Galway, Taylors Hill. This time of year Taylors Hill is a backdrop of perfect Autumnal colours with a rustic feel. We decorated the room as usual with all our beautiful balloons and branded goodies which we had printed the week before in Isupply. The exhibitors on the day started to arrive too.

OS-2601 OS-2658We were thrilled to have the wonderful Catriona from Solaris Tea with us again at this event. Having had her with us for our Afternoon Tea with Retro Flame event, we had fallen in love with both her and the Solaris Tea brand and were eager to have her join us again. Solaris Tea, are a family run business consisting of husband and wife tea,  Joerg and Karin Mueller. They specialise in the blending and preparation of International Award winning Whole-Leaf Organic Teas. Once again having Cat join us for the day and serve the stunning tea range was brilliant! She personally saw that everyone got exactly the right flavour and blend of Solaris Tea to suit them and made sure that everyone had a hot cup in front of them throughout the day!

OS-2624 OS-2625Next up we had Maryrose or MyLadyBug.ie exhibiting too! I first found MyLadyBug.ie on twitter and was fascinated by the product and idea! MyLadyBug.ie is Ireland’s first period subscription box, that delivers your pads/tampons direct to you – custom to your needs . Their mission is to take the drama, out of Period Drama and to say hello to a stress-free organised period instead. Subscribe to their Subscription Box and each month you will not only find all the essentials but also some treats too like sweets and herbal tea. Just what the doctor [probably] ordered! Their easy-to-use website makes the entire process as simple as ordering your favourite beauty products online!

Our next exhibitor for the day was Carmel at Kinvara Skincare. We loved having them with us on the day as we love to support local businesses! Kinvara Skincare are all natural, combining  scientific innovation to harness and distill the power of plants, seaweeds, vitamins and minerals into fantastic products for your face and body. Each ingredient is chosen with care and after much research for a specific purpose – you can buy Kinvara Skincare products with peace of mind knowing you’ve got a quality product you can trust. Carmel was on hand on the day to discuss many of the products Kinvara Skincare have to offer as well as give some sample products to the bloggers! Kinvara Skincare are also a firm favourite of The Makeup Fairy so it was brat to have them on board.

Finally we had the lovely Frieda from Athlone Towncentre with us too! Athlone Towncentre is a shopping centre located in Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland. The shopping centre is the largest shopping centre in the Irish midlands and although we have a great array of stores here in Galway and boast lots of boutiques and original stores, Athlone is now a huge retail centre for all the counties! Gone are the days of having to haul yo’ ass up to Dublin to get to some of your high street faves, now its a skip over to Athlone instead! We loved having Athlone Towncentre with us on the day who ran a wonderful competition and loved meeting all the eager blogging talent!

OS-2689 OS-2682 OS-2681 OS-2678 OS-2676So Joanne arrived and she was such a hun! She brought along her Mom too for support (cos’ ya never too old to bring ya mammy with ya!) and on meeting her Mom I could see where Joanne’s enthusiasm for her work comes from. We had a drinks reception where Joanne and the bloggers got acquainted and were treated to the most beautiful Mocktails and treats by the Ardilaun Hotel! I have to say, the attention to detail and the array of treats provided blew me away on the day!

OS-2651 OS-2649 OS-2652 OS-2647

The staffed brought down their beautiful food/cake stands which housed our yummy brunch! There was delicious Seafood Bouchons and Pork Shoulder and Black Pudding as well as the divine Goats Cheese, Chick pea humus and avocado salsa on a Chinese spoon (top marks for presentation, I had never seen this one before!!). Then there was homemade mini-fruit scone with sweet, fresh creme and strawberries on top which were my favourites and sweet potato cake which I hadn’t ever tried but helped myself to two helpings off! YUM! Then the dessert was a sensational Chocolate Torte which was all kinds of YES!

OS-2611 OS-2616 001 003OS-2631 OS-2630 OS-2620 OS-2693 OS-2689 OS-2692

 Joanne took the stage after brunch and we all sat eagerly waiting to hear her talk. This woman is super inspiring. She is so very smart and down to earth. She spoke to us about her journey into blogging, the beauty industry, modelling, going to university, relationships, fitness and of course, business. Joanne is an avid business woman who spoke the bloggers about knowing their worth and getting recognised for your work. One thing that came across was that Joanne had never had anything ‘handed to her’. She is clearly such a hard worker and she fights for her business. She doesn’t let people tell her ‘no’ and she believes in herself and her worth which is something I think everyone can work on in themselves every now and again. She’s had tough times and great times and she keeps her readers/fans very close and in on her life. She understands about sharing just enough with them.

Countless girls look up to Joanne. You can tell by listening to her Snapchat Q&A’s and again at the event on the day. Questions to Joanne range from what makeup she’s wearing to how she does her taxes as a self employed business woman to how she designs her blog and keep momentum for fitness. She is a fountain of information and she’s doesn’t keep it all to herself! She’s super helpful and shares out her knowledge and support in the hope of helping people.

After her talk, which, in honesty could have gone on another hour!! (So many questions!!) Joanne then went around chatting to everyone, answering more questions and taking photos. We sat/stood around for an hour or so more chatting about everything from blogging to snapchat to boys and business! As we wound down the day and people started to depart I had to hand it to Sinead and to our team on the day, this #itwbnBloggerEvent, the Beauty Brunch with The makeup Fairy was such a great success!! It had something a little more intimidate than the other events and I think it was my favourite to date.

OS-2636 OS-2642 OS-2641 OS-2711 OS-2707 OS-2703 OS-2736 OS-2724 OS-2723 OS-2719 OS-2717

No Into The West Blogger Network event would be complete without the amazing blogger goodie bags of course! We were thrilled to see so many companies involved again this time with our goodie bags! There was The Body Shop, Ogra Skincare, Nia Natural Skincare, Brodericks Brothers Rocky Road Bars, Flormar Cosmetics, Wet N Wild Cosmetics, Propercorn, Blank Canvas Cosmetics and Impress Nails not to mention the adorable packets of hot chocolate and vouchers from MyLadyBug and the travel kit from Kinvara Skincare. ITWBN bloggers are SPOILED!!

I am extremely grateful to the team which make it all manageable on the day!! Our wonderful ITWBN cheerleader, Ruth of the Beauty Kemple blog and our main man Kieran of Fear Nua blog with the help of Paula Fins Fangs Feathers & Fur blog too! We would be lost without these babes helping us out. The Ardilaun staff were an absolute delight to work with for this event! Everything ran smoothly and without a hitch, the room looked amazing and the food was stunning! a massive thank you goes to our new sponsor Isupply who printed all our promotional material this time around. Their work was excellent and their attention to detail unmatched! Thank you guys!

OS-2665 OS-2655

Of course, the final thank you goes out to the bloggers! What an amazing new bunch of people we have blogging in Ireland! I just loved meeting LOADS of new faces!! Im so thrilled that you all came along to the Beauty Brunch event and that we got meet and chat with all of you! You are the reason Into The West Blogger Network is here – without you all it just wouldnt be.

To end the day, as always, there was the go to crew of babes who sat around discussing life and having a coffee/glass of wine. Thanks again for the support gorgeous people, you’re all pretty amazing!!!!

OS-2801 OS-2795 OS-2788 OS-2782 OS-2781 OS-2780 OS-2778OS-2702 OS-2701 OS-2694 OS-2646 002

We have just one more #itwbnBloggerEvent on before the end of the of this year!! Blogging 4 Business, The Business of Blogging will be held in the Galway Bay Hotel on the 15th of this month. An event which will highlight and discuss the importance of Blogging, SEO and Content Marketing for businesses. Taking your business website to new heights with blogging and taking your blog one step further to a business. We have four great speakers/ experts on the panel for this event too! Journalist and author Joanne Sweeney Burke, Digital Marketeer Robin Chedgey, tech GENIUS and WordPress Wiz Micheál Reilly and successful Irish Blogger Ciara O Doherty will all be in attendance on the day sharing advice and tips!

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OS-0985After our mini #itwbnBloggerEvent at 56 Central in Galway two weeks ago, I was ready for the main event! With our last [big] event being waaaay back in May [we had a mini cocktail event at the Harbour Hotel just before summer!] both Sinéad and I were more than ready for our next event. All summer we had been plotting and planning the Afternoon Tea at the Glenlo Abbey Hotel with special guest speaker Erika Fox / Retro Flame.

For me, the day was a testament to how amazing Irish Bloggers are and how much of a dent in the blogging world they really are making.

I remember chatting with Erika about three years ago while she was studying in NUI Galway. We met for coffee and I decided I was going to shoot some looks with her for her Lookbook.nu account (remember Lookbook?!). Erika had said she would like to start a blog but had all the same concerns and insecurities as we all do before we start blogging; ‘Will people like the blog?’, ‘Will I just look silly for doing it’ and ‘Will I be able to commit?’ etc. Personally, I tend not to listen to those little doubting voices, Im a pusher for sure! I just knew that Erika would be amazing at blogging at that she had a very unique style and outlook to share with the world. So, we went ahead and set up Retro Flame and thats where it started.

What happened next, I knew would. The blog took off, people just could not get enough of this vintage styled, red haired beauty! Brands started to contact Erika and really wanted to work with her. Retro Flame was really getting noticed, Erika was working it!  Since then, Erika has worked with some of the best known brands and companies in the world such as Asos, Reiss, Warehouse, H&M, French Connection, Bare Minerals, River Island, Rebecca Minkoff and has been featured in a wide range of national and international publications including Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Stellar, Image and The Sunday Times STYLE Magazine. We just knew we wanted to welcome her back to the west in style!

So, we decided for this event we do gets another spin on the popular #itwbnBloggerEvent, Afternoon Tea With Retro Flame was born! We picked the lavish, 5-star Glenlo Abbey Hotel to host this event having held our second ever #itwbnBloggerEvent there last year!! With its special old world, countryside-chic charm we knew that it would suit both Erika and our bloggers to perfection!

OS-03OS-460The Abbey itself is a graceful gothic 18th Century Abbey located just 10 minutes from Galway city centre, it offers 5-star luxury accommodation, free parking, a golf course, and views of Lough Corrib and the dramatic West of Ireland landscape. The ideal location for exploring Connemara and the West of Ireland – set mid-way off the famous Wild Atlantic Way.

On the day, we took our places at beautiful tables in the opulent Ffrench Room, it was spectacular! The place settings, the flowers, the china tea sets and the beautiful decor were absolutely stunning. Each person is seated at a particular table – this events theme was fashion houses, so you were sitting at Coco Chanel or Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen or Ralph Lauren. Once bloggers found their tables, their ITWBN signature goodie bag was awaiting them along with their personalised name badge. The goodie bags were filled to the brim with goodie from companies who just LOVE bloggers! There was Butlers Chocolate, Rimmel makeup, Wet’n’Wild Cosmetics, Physicians Formula makeup, Propercorn, Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste and brushes, Sally Hansen nail polish, Solaris Tea, Holos Skincare, vouchers from Quay Dental Galway and much more!

We were thrilled to have the wonderful Catriona from Solaris Tea with us for this event too! Solaris Tea, a family run business of Joerg and Karin Mueller, specialise in the blending and preparation of International Award winning Whole-Leaf Organic Teas. Having Catriona there was such a treat! To have someone so passionate about her job and about tea was so inspiring! She personally saw that everyone got exactly the right flavour and blend of Solaris Tea to suit them and made sure that everyone had a hot cup in front of them throughout the day!

OS-0946OS-0953The Glenlo Abbey then started to serve the most beautiful Afternoon Tea Treats I think Ive eve seen! To start, there was delicious finger sandwiches of various yummy fillings and  homemade scones with jam and fresh cream which were perfectly presented on silver trays with napkins. They were followed by a plethora of the most beautiful, photogenic desserts ever! Lemon & Poppyseed Cake, Carrot Cake with Orange & Cream Cheese Frosting, which was so perfectly moist and crumbly as well as Guinness Cake with Baileys Buttercream and Rosewater & Raspberry Macaroons!! There was Salted Caramel & Popcorn Macaroons which were a huge hit with everyone for sure and for fun, good ol’ Gingerbread Men and yummy, sweet Snow-cone cupcakes. Heaven!


So, with bellies full and content and everyone on a little bit of a sugar high, Erika took centre stage. She spoke to us all about her journey from studying commerce & fashion in Galway to moving to New York and working with huge fashion houses & brands. She spoke about her stint working side by side with Oliva Palermo and now her new job working with well know US brand Vince Camuto.

I think the most frequent thing I heard our of peoples mouths and general consensus after Erika’s presentation was ‘Down To Earth‘. Every last person said it to me, she is just so lovely and approachable and most of all, chatty! Everyone had questions and we had a good 40 mins chat with her after her talk. Then of course, the next two hours were spent taking photos, chatting to bloggers, lots of bloggers meeting for the first time and lots of connections being made!

OS-0958 OS-0963 OS-0962

We had some wonderful exhibitors with us on the day too! Wendy, Aylisha & Emily from iNailz were with us from Dublin. These girls are the ultimate blogger friendly brand and we always love having them down to our events! They had even made me a set of printed iNailz with our ITWBN logo on them!! I died!! They also had their brand new range of girlie portable power packs for charing phones! in their cute ‘Lipstick’ and ‘Makeup Compact’ shapes, they were snapped up on the day!

Next we had Dawn from St.Moriz tan over from Manchester and her wonderful assistant Berverly too! St. Moriz is celebrating 5 years in Ireland this year and really proves to be a high hit with the bloggers here. Dawn was on hand to chat to the bloggers and make some solid connections with everyone as well.

OS-0877 OS-0884 OS-0893 OS-0897 OS-0899 OS-0901

From Design House Barna, we had the wonderful Edel Healy, who is also a blogger in ITWBN, she blogs at A Dash Of Lime. She was joined by her collouge Fionuala and they had some wonderful pieces from the boutique in Barna, Galway. Edel was introducing us to some of the great and very affordable brands they stock out in Design House Barna and we just loved having them there with us on the day.


As the day wound down, I actually couldn’t believe that at this event (over a lot of the other events) I actually sat down and managed to have tea and cake this time as did our wonderful team!!

On hand on the day was the amazing Galway based Photographer Julia and Videographer Kenny of Wonderfulife Productions. Both Julia and Kenny are responsible for most of our beautiful photos on our site and the stunning promo video which was filmed at our 1st Birthday back in May! I cant describe what its like to be able to boast these two creative geniuses as my best friends, they are incredible and they continue to impress and wow me everyday. Sinead and I are so grateful for the work they do with ITWBN and the amazing work they do at #itwbnBloggerEvent! Julia is also such an awesome Fashion and Lifestyle blogger at Love Joules who you have to check out (I might be bias, but she is my bestie!!)


I am also extremely grateful to the rest of the team which make it all manageable! Our wonderful ITWBN cheerleader, Ruth of the Beauty Kemple blog and our main man Kieren of Fear Nua blog too! We would be lost without these two babes helping us out. The Gleno staff, Vicky, Cathryn & Denise as well as the seriously professional servers were an absolute delight to work with again. They made everything so very easy for us and there was no panicking to be seen with Cathryn at the helm! She had everything running smoothly all day. Amazing!!

Of course, the final thank you goes out to the bloggers! What an amazing new bunch of people we have blogging in Ireland! I just LOVED meeting and chatting with every single one of you! From artists, fashion bloggers, beauty bloggers, lifestyle & parenting and foodie bloggers we are delighted to see such a range of genres in Irish Blogging!  Im so thrilled that you all came along to the Retro Flame event and that I got to meet and chat with all of you! You are the reason Into The West Blogger Network is here – without you all it just wouldnt be.

So, to end, as always we retired to the bar area for a glass of wine and some blogger chats  with the ITWBN family. Its always lovely to sit and chat with everyone afterwards and raise a little toast to day well spent! This is always a great way for us to get chatting to the girls too. Thanks for staying girls, ye know who ye are! x

OS-1011003OS-0916001OS-1145 OS-1068 OS-1069 OS-1070 OS-1077 OS-1078 OS-1081 OS-1086006 OS-1091 OS-1095 OS-1098 OS-1113 OS-1115 OS-1121OS-1159

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Afternoon-TEa-Retro-Flame4pdf-1On the 27th of September, the Into The West Blogger Network will be hosting ‘Afternoon Tea With Retro Flame‘ as our September #itwbnBloggerEvent. This is our first in a what will be a series of Afternoon Tea events and we are thrilled to have the wonderful Solaris Tea joining us too.

Retro Flame aka Erika Fox is arguably the hottest, most sought after Irish Fashion blogger in the game. With her tresses of glistening amber hair, her eye for the most beautiful, high end and vintage fashion, her notable Kerry accent and her savvy business skills; Erika is the one, the ONLY one to watch.

Every time Erika posts a blogpost, you know that you are going to be enthralled in her world for the next five minutes. Her life in the New York is the stuff of dreams which she shares quite openly via her social media streams. The work, the fashion parties, the shopping, the events and even the NYC selfies, Erika invites her readers to really get a glimpse of her life in in the Big Apple.

We are so delighted to have Erika join us for the Afternoon Tea event in the Glenlo Abbey Hotel this September. As always #itwbnBloggerEvent will be the picture perfect bloggers paradise that the Irish Bloggers have come to know and expect. This will be an amazing chance to mingle with other bloggers over a lavish tea party, hear all about the rise of Retro Flame and ask Erika all those burning questions! You will be right there with her, what will you ask ?!

Of course, no #itwbnBloggerEvent would be the same without the shopping, the makeup, the yummy treats, the fashion, the prizes and the famous ITWBN goodie bags too!! This really is going to start of the autumn season with a bang so you wont want to miss it!! Tickets are on sale now email itwbnireland@gmail.com

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