Well it made for an interesting morning, first day in years that we had a pretty miserable weather situation! From the moment I woke on the morning of the 25th, I could feel the cold; but when theres work to be done, no one can stay in bed. So, off I headed to Blackrock for the annual Galway Christmas Day Swim with COPE Galway.

If there is one thing that the morning of relentless rain taught me was that, rain or shine  – Galway people cannot/will not break their traditions. Im sure every single person at the diving board that morning thought to themselves “Maybe I just won’t go this morning..”  when faced with the cold rain and wind. But, they did it. Hundreds of mums, dads, kids, grandparents and pets turned up in their droves to dip in the icy ocean and all for a great cause!!

COPE Galway are a local charity who work with the homeless, elderly and women and children who are effected by domestic violence in the Galway area. For 26 years the people of Galway have supported the work of COPE Galway by signing up to take in the Christmas Day Swim and raise funds to help vulnerable and isolated men, women and families in Galway. The aim of this event is to raise money to help fund Galway’s local services in homelessness, domestic violence and for older people.

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In 2014 COPE Galway worked with 134 families, 511 single people and 7 couples affected by homelessness in Galway. In 2104 COPE Galway worked with 371 women and 229 children experiencing domestic violence in Galway. In 2014 COPE Galway produced and delivered 50,000 meals on wheels for 326 people in Galway. To help COPE, you can still help out and donate by texting SWIM to 50300 to donate €4. Check out the last few events here.

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