Welcome back to my Links I Love series whereby I basically list out and link some of the cool, weird and nice things I’ve stumbled over on the internet of late. It’s not the longest list this time although there are a few gems. I put this down to me actually reading alot more books lately now that I am a proud Kindle owner. Seriously, where was Kindle all my life?! I swear my life would have been different had I actually had a Kindle and actually read books in school.. oh well, Ce La Vie.. View Full Post



Living in South East Asia this past while has meant a new kind of ‘love/hate’ relationship with the internet, well, wifi connection particularly! So when I am in fact in wifi, I am reading loads, working, checking emails and finding new music online.

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Links I Love

The Spring is on her way in Galway although Im convinced she’s battling her foe, The Dark Irish Winter for her place this year! Can you tell I’ve been watching tonnes of MARVEL movies?? Thor being my favourite of course! Anyway, the days are getting a little longer and brighter and my mind wonders tirelessly to thoughts of summertime fun. The year so far has been tough and definitely a game-changer for me. But cie la vie..

In terms of Internet reading and the Links I Love, Ive been reading up on feminism and pop culture (again!), Ive been following Bernie Sanders campaign in the US Elections too (with Killer Mike!!). Ive been reading up on some Irish History, some wonderful Irish writers as well and following a true Irish hers, Margaretta D’Arcy.

Sit back, grab a cup of tea and follow & enjoy the Links I Love.. 

Kim Kardashian vs Aboriginal Culture: Only one of these images has been banned by Facebook – Why?!

★ Loving Killer Mike‘s endorsement of Bernie Sanders in the US presidential campaign. Unreal.

★ I’m a print nerd, I’ll admit it. I love this article from the archives about the printing of the Irish Proclamation of Independence – it reads like a film script!!

★ These are the most beautiful quotes from Irish Writers, they take me to another world..

★ I would do this all over again #NoRegrets #90sgirl

★ Love these things to remember when life get tough. We all need this.

★ In a world of classic design needs for classic clients, 45 of the best free script fonts is just what I need!

★ I’ve been listening to a tonne of Jhéne Aiko & Childish Gambino. Then they made some music together and I’m in love.

★ Have you heard of Ireland Guantanamo Granny?! Shes my HERO!

★ This is what Hip Hop from all over the world sounds like!

★ Inside the worlds most Dog Friendly office, Juno would love this.. we both would!

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Links I Love

Welcome to the first Links I Love of 2016. Is it just me or does the reading on the internet get really good around January? Maybe its because everyone is on the net actively looking for inspiration and guidance for the year ahead, they are looking for uplifting articles and ways to implement their resolutions or is it because people have a little more time on their hands and are producing a high rate of articles, blogposts and more?!

Either way, Im loving it. In the last while I have been reading about technology, the moon, beauty, yoga, skateparks, saving animals, Capricorn, Veganisim, Feminism and more. So, I suggest you put the kettle on and get comfy and have a read of some of the interesting stuff I found on the internet recently..

★ Last year I would have read this article and thought it was  great but not understood it fully. Now I do! It explains the real reason for the forty-hour workweek and the consumer society we live by in the West.

★ This app buzzes and alerts you when you are approaching a location where a woman made history! How flipping’ cool is that?!

★ This Romanian Photographer shot women from over 45 countries, the beauty is breathtaking.

★ Getting married in Galway (or Ireland) and want a Humanist Celebrant, my Auntie Jeanne is just your woman!

★ These girls had me nearly in tears as they utter the untold truth in America

★ This is probably the most well written article I have read in a long time. Why does Courtney Love make people feel so uncomfortable? Well,basically –  she’s a woman.

★ This fashion student 3D printed her entire graduate collection, amazing!!

★ Heres an interview I did with Sinead all about Into The West Blogger Network and Irish Blogging in general

★ Should you practice Black Metal Yoga?

★ Be sure to get your paws on Erykah Badu‘s sickest mixtape to date, ‘But you can’t use my phone’. It includes the amazing ‘Hotline Bling’ remix and ‘Hello’ featuring Andre 2000.

★ I need to see this 100 year old church in Spain which has been transformed into a skate park and covered in murals, its heaven!

★ This girl has been feeding crows for years, now they bring her gifts to say thank you..

★ This is saving my life, 5 simple Yoga poses for anyone who sits and works a desk job – try it!!

★ This is why we’re sick!! I have been saying this for years. Dairy milk (milk from cows) is for baby cows, NOT HUMANS! Watch this 5 minute video and educate yourself to the notion of all the shit you put in your body when you eat dairy.

★ January is my birth month and this week is a new moon! Chani Nicholas has been guiding me astrologically thought my stars.

★ I have been listening to First Aid Kit, MotoPony, Disclosure & Jenny Lewis.

★ Jim is tractor driving, dancing and biking at 100, this will be me someday!

Thanks for visiting my little part of the internet for this instalment of Links I Love, want more? Catch the last post here.

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