OS-2-8Links I LoveWell this month has been an actual roller coaster of work and play.  We had the Galway Fashion Trail with the Galway Now Magazine, we had the #itwbnBloggerEvent too, Blogging 4 Business. I  attended my fave store, Amber’s 1st birthday and started a new job too! Im currently working on a rebrand of my blog and organising the Into The West Blogger Network‘s Christmas drinks too!

Its been a sad month for internet reading. With all the evilness in the world and the attroscities being  committed, Facebook was somewhere I didn’t spend much time. I have how ever been reading up on some nice stories that have come out of these horrible events in the world. Ive been listening to great music, looking up some awesome photography and doing some online shopping too! Grab a cuppa and catch up on the Links I Love..

★ Sonita, The Feminist Afghan Rapper Fighting Against Child Marriage, Will Give You Chills

★Lauryn Hill dropping truth to the youth back in 2000 is just all kinds of awesome

★ Portraits showcase the appeal of online shopping across China

★ Top 10 Google earth images from the Earth

★ Israeli Restaurant Gives Jews and Arabs a Discount If They'll Eat Together

★ This abandoned ship is a floating forest

★ Ikea Turned These Children’s Drawings Into Actual Toys, OMG!

★ Did you know that Brad Pitt is a photographer? Check out this work of his muse Angelina!

★ The “Sea Organ” Makes Perpetual Music with Ocean Waves

★ Couple spend a year living through AirBB

★ MC Lyte Says Fetty Wap Is Hip-Hop’s Biggest Feminist

★ Stuck for a Christmas gift for someone? Check out Amber online!

★ Currently listening to First Aid Kit, this EPIC new mixtape from the queen of all things hip hop and rnb; Ms. Erykah Badu and the unreal Brooke Candy

Thats it for another couple of weeks, what did you think? Wanna read more? Check out my previous Links  I Love posts here and get stuck in!

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Links I Love

Are you new to my blog? What bought you here? Was it a random succession of clicks and links on sites and social media that had you stumble across the world of Wild Cosmia? Yes! This is how I find most of my favourite, most interesting blogs, sites and links on the internet and I love it! As I progress through life I find myself using the internet to not nay educate me but to open my mind a little, or a lot!

Open it to possibilities, adventures, ways of life, kick ass music  and exciting projects. This month I have been reading alot about Astrology, Feminism, looking at photos of old Hollywood, watching Autumnal themed movies and eating Propercorn – have you tried it?! YUM! I’ve been listening to epic music and dreaming of living in amazing houses all over the world too! Check out all the Links I Love below and let me know what you think of these little treasures..

  • These amazing photo manipulations of the stories of real life feral children throughout history are simply amazing & left me speechless.
  • Closeup of Billie Holiday singing “Fine & Mellow” accompanied by James P. Johnson at piano during jam session in studio of LIFE photographer Gjon Mili.
  • This interview is some of the most honest, raw footage Iv seen ever  of a celebrity/ woman/rapper/feminist/activist. Azealia, Queen.
  • Stunning quotes from children’s books that we all should know..
  • Man spent 15 years building this amazing house, I want to live there now!
  • Some absolute genius has created a Tarot Deck with illustrations by my all time favourite artist, they are absolutely stunning! *Christmas List*
  • A beautiful reminder of  how absolutely tiny we are on the big blue planet
  • Diggin’ Acid Rap by Chance The Rapper, listen and download for free here

Thats it for another couple of weeks, what did you think? Wanna read more? Check out my previous Links  I Love posts here and dive right in!

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Links I Love

Home sweet home, I don’t think I knew the meaning of this saying like I did this week! I normally love traveling and airports but travelling from Friday to Tuesday just to get back to my own bed was hard work! Airports are fun, for like ten minutes not two days and they certainly are not nice to sleep in!

I am happy to be home though, kind of.. its bittersweet I suppose. Thailand really stole my heart and I’m thinking I’ll have to go back at some stage to find it!  I have thousands of photos to retouch and I have some posts about my travels lined up too but in the mean time, heres some Links I Love!

Over the last few weeks I have bookmarked and saved quite a few new bits to share on this Links I Love so  put the kettle on, sit back and enjoy some of the random sh!t I found on the internet lately..

*Hint – clink on the last link for some nice music to listen to while you read! 

  • These Native American sayings speak to my heart
  • Forget Kim K, bow down to the new queen of Instagram
  • It’s okay to say no. Start saying no now and change your life
  • Things all 90’s girls did. This one is me.
  • 28 tips from the most productive people on the planet
  • On documenting the MCR1 gene – Red is King!
  • This story captivated me – the Lykov family and solitude
  • I am so in love with Willow! The perfect voice for a generation of young women.
  • This is another view of things..
  • Funky Jazz in my workspace is perfect
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desserted beachLinks I LoveI absolutely love the random things I find on the internet and the ease at which one can educate oneself on so many topics. Here in Thailand, I’ve been reading alot about the history of Thailand, its people and their customs as well as all the animals here too. It’s such a culture shock when we travel that being able to google, learn and educate ourselves on the go really is amazing. It makes me appreciate the readiness of information we are open to.

I have been getting alot of work done here but also alot of reading, researching, planning and bookmarking for the Links I Love series too! So heres some of the cool and random things I found recently on the internet for your enjoyment. Hope you like…

  • Serious glitter and sparkle house envy here
  • Girl Scouts of America are for every girl YAY!!
  • The real 50 Cent?
  • For anyone going to Thailand, I urge you to visit ethically
  • I really cannot wait to see Tangerine, great story shot on the iPhone 5!
  • Got Wanderlust? Tattoo it!
  • Surrender your problems to the universe now
  • Loving this tune by Jidenna, what a dapper thing he is!
  • When it’s your turn, how will you rule?

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Wild Waves on Galway BayLinks I LoveI should be packing right now. Packing for a big trip.. but I’m on a seeeeerious procrastination buzz at the moment and Im not sure where its come from. Being a super busy, super work driven person, Im not sure this packing-procrastination version of myself is one I like. Im not sure about most people, but I don’t really like packing. I dont like trying to figure out wtf Im going to want to wear in a weeks time, not to mention a months or two months time!! Then theres all the little bottles, the ‘just incase’ items, the passports etc. Oi, oi, oi, no! Packing just isn’t my game.

I’ll probably do what I always do and pack five minutes before I leave for the airport and I’ll definitely forget something! Anyways, what better time to share another instalment of the ‘Links I Love‘ series! Heres some gems I found on the internet lately. Grab a cup of tea and enjoy!

  • These ladies don’t just lead and inspire, they absolutely ROCK!
  • A place where girls run the world? Im simply in awe.
  • Mama Lee‘s got it all figured out, now to find me a boat..
  • Nature is taking back North Border Island.
  • Love ’em or hate ’em – they’re here to stay! Why not make your own!!
  • The case for Vegetarianism has never been more compelling or cute!
  • Bet this guy never thought his life would be like this.
  • For anyone going to Thailand, I urge you to visit ethically
  • Meditation actually changes your brain
You can check out the rest of the ‘Links I Love‘ series too!
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Carraroe Beach Scene Links I Love

This is the first of the Links I Love series since moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress. To be honest, I thought I wouldn’t get used to WordPress as Iv been on Blogger for nearly five years but it really is a miles better and I see the rewards already!! So anyway this is my first post from the Links I Love series that will be published on the new site which is cool.

Iv been insanely busy with Into The West Blogger Network’s recent birthday event and #itwbnBlogSchool not to mention two more mini events before the end of the summer! I have have a lot of work and stuff to get done before going away in July too! Roll on Summer!!

Recently I have been seeing a pattern in the links Im loving and bookmarking for this post. There seems to be a pattern of positivity, mindfulness and self awareness. Which, as I see it, is always good for the soul – especially around this time of year. Hope you enjoy these Links I Love..

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Photo shot at Trá and Dóilín, Carraroe, Galway

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