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Life changes and moves so fast doesn’t. Sometimes I feel like Im in a whirlwind and Im holding tight to a brittle, loose branch on a tree, grasping on so I don’t get swept away in the commotion of it all.

It can be tough, scary and a panic at times but also exhilarating, exciting and brilliant if we choose to look at it that way. If we just make the choice to look at everything in life with optimistic eyes and an open heart, only good things will happen. If we go with the flow and try to enjoy the ride, Im pretty sure everything comes up roses.

Doors close, windows open. One chapter ends, another starts. Life swings in loops. Opportunities only come when we open ourselves up to them and luck only happens to those who work for it.

With Mercury in Retrograde at the moment, I definitely feel like my life has been flip turned upside down. Its a time when everything just seems a little ‘off’, people are torn, they don’t know if they are coming or going and enemies are on high alert. When in retrograde, Mercury, like any planet, only appears to be going backward from our perspective on earth. Mercury doesn’t actually move backward. It just appears to move backward because its the planet situated closest to the Sun, its orbit is much shorter than Earth’s.

About three or four times a year, Mercury speeds past Earth, and that is when we experience a Mercury retrograde period. As Mercury speeds by, it creates a powerful, turbulent gust in its wake like a storm. The turbulence and disruption Mercury creates when it retrogrades then echoes around the universe and affects what we feel on Earth in our everyday lives. People just don’t feel ‘right’ during this time, its confusing, its glitchy and it certainly isn’t a time for making big decisions. They say during Retrograde, you shouldn’t sign any huge deals or documents and don’t make plans in haste  either.  You’re more likely to quarrel and squabble with your nearest and dearest at this time and for no good reason either!! Annoying!! Mercury tends to affect a lot of industries like publishing, advertising, sales, public relations and anything to do with transport. Double check flights, printing and read the small print in contracts etc!


This September there has been a monumental shift in energies between the lunar eclipse and Mercury spinning, the people who feel the energies have felt them hard! It is, to those who feel it a turbulent, somewhat mixed up time full of commotion, anxiety and  disruption but its also a time for ‘Re’s’ – Redo, Reread, Reassure, Reassess and Regroup. It can be a powerful time for healing also and so if you choose to look at this way, it can be a time for rebirth and reform! 

Whenever Mercury Retrograde rolls around I always used to dread it but this September, it pushed me so hard that I choose to flip it up and use it to my advantage. I took as much positivity as I could from it and ran with that instead. I reflected, reassessed, reread, renewed and know that after Mercury’s little spin, new beginnings and new experiences follow. I’m excited to see whats to come!

Did you feel it? Did things get a bit too much last month? Don’t worry too much lovely because October’s gotchu!! New beginnings, opportunities and experiences are on their way..

Let me know what you think, leave me a comment or tweet me!

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Earlier this year, I got to thinking about how much our lives can change in one year. The days are long but the years are short. The years fly by in a whirlwind leaving behind some really great memories, lessons learned, broken hearts, remnants of great friendships and feelings of accomplishment when fears are overcome.

I started thinking about the things I feel I have, not learned, but re-realised to be true in the last year. I have always known these things but this past year has made me really realise how true they ring. These are things we all know in theory but once we realise them for ourselves and experience for ourselves, they seem all that more real.

1. You are the best person in the world to get your sh!t done. No one else is going to do it for you. Theres no magic wand, no cmd-z and no re-do’s in life. It’s too short to wait around for someone else to sort your problems out and make everything better. Your sh!t is yours. Your problems are yours; you have to work on them yourself.Once you realise this all you have to do is pick them one by one and work on it and work hard. So do it yourself and do it right.

 2. Not everyone you loose is a loss. Friends come and go. Let them go. It’s sad, I know and it can feel like the loss of a limb but there is no point in trying to make someone stay who doesn’t want to. You might not ever find out why they went but you have to keep moving forward.

Cut them loose and enjoy feeling lighter. You now have much more room in your heart for new people and they are waiting to meet you!

3. Things don’t always work out the way you planned. Actually they almost never turn out the way you planned! Things that may have seemed more than perfect in your head can be far from it in real life.  This can be a real let down and an anticlimax. Don’t berate yourself too much, you really have nothing to do with the way things just pan out. Don’t worry, go with the flow and do your best. Take a deep breath, smile and reboot.

4. Your health is absolutely your wealth. Cliché, I know but this has never seemed truer to me than now. If you wake up everyday with air in your lungs and can get up, walk, talk, go to work and play with out pain then you can count your blessings.

You may have problems in life, and they’re big – I know they are; but nothing and I mean nothing is more important than your health. No money in the world can bring back the time you loose when your ill. To have your health means you are rich in so many ways.

5. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is both scary as fcuk and awesomely rewarding. Its hard at first, I know but you have to just power through and sometimes struggle through but the feeling that you have gone outside your comfort zone and lived to tell the tale is golden.

We thrive on new experiences, its like a rush of electricity running through your body; and it don’t have to be big huge things you do. Even small changes to your everyday life can cause this electricity to sizzle through you!

6. Really following you heart and trusting your intuition is the only way to pave your own path. Another cliché, I know. BUT its the only way to really live true to yourself. Its does sound like the biggest 80’s motivational poster but you have to follow your heart and let it make some choices for you to experience life. Now, Im not saying go do some crazy ass sh!t and get yourself into trouble, no not at all! But following your heart and making some crazy decisions is what life is all about, it creates experiences and challenges which shape our lives completely.

7. Don’t undervalue yourself, as soon as you do others will too. We don’t mean to do it but we do it naturally as part of the human condition. We undervalue ourselves in the silliest ways. We work hard, we work damn hard and we should be valued, thanked and paid for same. As soon as we let this slide, work for ‘experience’, ‘portfolio’ or ‘exposure’ instead of actual money, we undervalue ourselves.

Sure when you’re starting out, all of the above factors have to be work and gained but at some stage we have to say ‘This is how much Im worth, you need to pay me for my skills, time and workmanship.’. Sadly even our friends can do this. Its dog eat dog in business. Know your worth and sing it.

I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma. ~ Eartha Kitt

What do you think? Do you think you re-realise lessons long after you know them to be true?

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As I see it, if we want to be successful in anything we do, we have to believe in ourselves. As children, we are constantly told that someone believes in us. Whether its doing homework or competing in sports or hobbies, our parents always told us ‘You can do this!’ or quite literally ‘We believe in you!’. These are the crucial things we a told as kids that spur us on to do our best and win at life. We have very little fear as children as a result. We learn from this that we can do whatever we want and that there are people behind us to help us. People who, when we fall will kiss it better and and say “Try again..”. No fear.

As we grow older, we don’t hear these things as much. Sure our parents are still there, still the main cheerers on our team (mine are fucking amazing btw!) but we take on so much more as adults, so much more physical and emotional stress thats only for us to deal with. Then, the fear can creep in. Fear being on of the most debilitating of all the feelings. But heres the thing, the fear isn’t real. It’s is a product of our imagination. We fear things that might never happen, that we have fabricated into the future. Once we take fear out of the equation, there is nothing we can’t do! We just have to believe.

This year I started to believe in myself. Not because I wanted to or I choose to. Its because I realised I could.  I can believe in myself, I’m allowed to believe in myself. Yes its a wonderful gift to have other people believe in us and tell us so, but we can be our own number 1, we can be our own biggest fan! Believing in ourselves doesnt mean we’re self-centred  or conceded. It means we are being true to ourselves and helping ourselves reach our full potential. I find that if I take fear out of the equation, I can believe in myself much more. Fear of anything can hinder belief – thus, it has to go!

Now, I see that the more I believe in myself, the more I do. And the more I do, the happier I am and the happier I am, the more I believe in myself. Its an eternity circle which will go on a long as I will it. And I will it! Im not a naturally positive and have to work at it, but I find the work is getting easier everyday.

We are amazing beings, each and every one! We are all a unique sparkle in the tapestry of the infinite universe which was put here for some purpose or reason. Its all about belief. Belief in yourself, in your strengths, your weaknesses, your abilities and your truths. You are kind, you are smart, you are brilliant and bold. You are courageous and brave and can do it if you think it. Believe in yourself because you’re all these things and you’re fcuking amazing!

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